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RUBIKON is an International Law Firm that provides professional legal and consulting services in Ukraine. The law firm has become a reliable partner for many businesses and individuals. RUBIKON is a Law Firm that provides legal, consulting and other services in Ukraine and abroad.

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Law Firm Rubicon provides legal services in Ukraine to private and corporate clients in various branches of law. Services and practices of the legal company in Ukraine: judicial practice, representation in court and settlement of litigation, legal support of business, sale of ready-made business in Ukraine and abroad, real estate and legal support of transactions with commercial and residential real estate, family law, corporate law, registration and re-registration of companies, M & A, criminal law, contract law, drafting and analysis of contracts, legal support for transactions with corporate rights, leasing of the company's legal address, law of intellectual property, labor law, migration law, obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, drawing up an invitation to obtain a visa to Ukraine, tenders in Ukraine, tax law and the development of tax optimization schemes, corporate law, inheritance law, business law, land law and real estate, administrative law, opening accounts for individuals and businesses in Ukraine and abroad, business liquidation and bankruptcy and so on.

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Legal services without borders! - Attorneys and lawyers of the company in Ukraine provide legal services and carry out legal protection regardless of the geographical location of the client, whether in Ukraine or in any other country. Law Firm Rubicon provides professional legal services in Ukraine and provides legal assistance to private clients and businesses in solving various tasks.


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