Criminal lawyer in Ukraine

Criminal law and process - criminal lawyer in Ukraine in criminal cases. Defense of criminal offenses in criminal proceedings in the police, prosecutor's office, court. Services of a criminal lawyer during investigative actions.

Criminal law of Ukraine, criminal lawyer in Ukraine, defense in criminal cases

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Criminal lawyer in Ukraine specializes in Ukrainian criminal law and criminal procedure. A criminal lawyer in Ukraine has a Certificate for practicing law in Ukraine. Criminal lawyer in Ukraine provides legal services for the protection of citizens and foreigners in criminal proceedings for criminal offenses in Ukraine.

Lawyer in criminal cases in Ukraine:



A defender in a criminal case in Ukraine can be a specialist - a Ukrainian criminal lawyer who has a certificate to practice law and who is a specialist in the field of the criminal law of Ukraine - a criminal lawyer for criminal offenses in Ukraine.


Categories of criminal cases

  • murder
  • war crimes
  • drugs
  • weapon
  • car accident
  • auto theft
  • fraud
  • bribe
  • smuggling
  • extortion
  • theft
  • robbery
  • bodily injury
  • hooliganism


Categories of criminal cases in Ukraine in which lawyers of a law firm provide legal protection: murder, drug crimes, illegal sale of weapons, road accidents, car theft, fraud, bribe, smuggling, extortion, theft of property and money, robbery, violence, and harm to health, hooliganism and other criminal offenses.


A criminal lawyer in Ukraine is involved in a criminal case at any stage of the criminal process (the investigator, prosecutor, judge or court makes a decision). An investigator, prosecutor, investigating judge, or court are obliged to assist in establishing communication with a lawyer or are themselves obliged to ensure the participation of a lawyer in criminal proceedings, to the legislation of Ukraine. We provide our clients with the services of an English-speaking criminal lawyer in criminal cases in Ukraine, translation services in criminal cases in Ukraine, as well as legal services in criminal cases in other foreign languages.


Criminal lawyer services in Ukraine


  • legal advice to a criminal lawyer in Ukraine;
  • meeting with a suspect or accused in a criminal case before the first interrogation (after the first interrogation - meetings with a criminal lawyer without limiting the number and time);
  • study of the materials of the criminal case, which substantiate the arrest and prosecution in the criminal case, the study of all the materials of the criminal case in court; participation during interrogation and investigative actions in a criminal case; a collection of evidence in a criminal case; studying the minutes of the court session and preparing complaints; collecting information about facts in a criminal case, obtaining information and documents at the request of a lawyer (lawyer's request) from citizens and firms, obtaining written opinions from specialists and accompanying expert examinations;
  • representation and defense in court in a criminal case when considering criminal proceedings; presentation in court in a criminal case; preparation of an appeal against a court verdict in a criminal case; conducting a criminal case in the court of appeal;
  • services of a criminal lawyer for foreigners in Ukraine.


A criminal defense lawyer in Ukraine has no right to disclose data and other information that became known to him while performing his duties as a lawyer in a criminal case. The documents of a lawyer in a criminal case may not be examined, disclosed, or confiscated without the consent of the lawyer. Success in the investigation and conduct of a criminal case depends on the experience of a criminal lawyer in Ukraine.