Lawyer in Latvia

Legal services and a lawyer in Latvia, representation in court in Latvia, legal assistance in Latvia, legal advice

Адвокат в Латвии для фирм и граждан

The law firm provides legal services for companies and citizens and the services of a lawyer in Latvia. Latvian lawyers provide legal assistance in the cities of Riga and Jurmala.


  • Legal advice
  • Legal support of companies
  • Commercial Law
  • Companies Verification
  • Company registration
  • Tax law
  • Debt collection
  • International Arbitration
  • Legal investigations
  • Intellectual property
  • Legal cases in court
  • Family law
  • Divorce through court
  • Civil law
  • Inheritance
  • Court of Human Rights
  • Insurance law
  • Real estate lawyer
  • Documents, certificates
  • Apostille on documents


The law firm also provides legal services and the services of a lawyer abroad.


Legal Services in Latvia:


  • Legal Advice in Latvia (legal advice of a lawyer) on various legal matters, international divorce;
  • Services of a Lawyer in Latvia on representing the interests of citizens and companies in court in cases of various categories and effective protection of rights and legal interests, legal analysis of situations, development of a legal position in a case, collection of evidence, preparation of documents for a court, representation in court, execution of a court decision;
  • Services of a Migration Lawyer in Latvia: legalization of a non-resident in the Schengen area for doing business and work, obtaining a national visa and applying for a temporary residence permit, preparing a package of documents for applying for a business visa, applying for and obtaining a work permit, residence permit, we accompany the filing of documents;
  • Legal Support for the Sale of Real Estate in Latvia: support for real estate transactions (purchase and sale, exchanged), risk minimization, services of a real estate lawyer, representation of a client's interests at the conclusion of a transaction, rental of real estate, mortgage;
  • Registration of Inheritance rights in Latvia and inheritance law: representing the interests of the heir at all stages of accepting the inheritance, preparing documents and submitting applications for accepting the inheritance, accepting the inheritance through the court and disputes about the inheritance in court;
  • Opening a Company in Latvia: registering a company, providing a company registration address, opening a bank account in a bank or in a payment system, choosing a convenient way to organize and conduct business, opening different types of legal entities; virtual office in Latvia for companies: company registration, assignment of a legal address, provision of a mailbox, virtual secretary services, conference room for negotiations; liquidation of a company in Latvia: preparation of documents for liquidation, notification of state bodies, settlement of obligations, accompaniment of a client in the process of liquidation of a company;
  • Opening Personal and Business Accounts in Latvia in a bank and payment system: opening bank accounts in for foreigners and companies;
  • Registration of Licenses in Latvia (international shipping, cafes and restaurants, financial services, medical services, construction works and other licenses): legal assistance and advice on licensing in Latvia;
  • Legal Support of Companies in Latvia: preparation of company documentation, representation and protection of clients' interests in state bodies and courts;
  • Accounting Services in Latvia: accounting, filing financial statements, accountant services, accounting, tax calculations, filling out and submitting reports, maintaining a register of VAT invoices;
  • Intellectual Property and copyright in Latvia: registration and protection of a trademark, patent, copyright and related rights, development of agreements on transfer of rights, negotiation and litigation;
  • Debt Collection in Latvia and arbitration: legal assistance in collecting debts from citizens and companies in Latvia, search for debtor's assets and seizure of assets, reimbursement of legal expenses, selection of the optimal form of legal proceedings for debt collection;
  • Services of a Translation Agency in Latvia: interpretation, translation of documents, translation of official documents, notarization of the translator's signature on the translation of a document;
  • Obtaining Documents in Latvia (certificate from the registry office on birth, marriage registration, divorce, death, archival certificate, copies of documents); apostille and legalization of documents.