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Law Firm Contacts - offices of a law firm in different countries, partner legal offices, and contacts of lawyers abroad.

One defining feature of international law firms is their extensive global presence. These law firms offer comprehensive legal services to clients across various jurisdictions. We have built a large partner legal network, and the company's clients can access the legal services they need, as well as the services of lawyers in more than 20 countries.

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International law firms maintain teams of lawyers. These multidisciplinary teams work collaboratively to provide clients with holistic legal solutions that address the complex issues arising from transactions and disputes. Our partners include foreign legal firms, lawyers, consulting companies, and real estate agencies abroad. The company's lawyers provide services for businesses and individuals regardless of their location, country, nationality, or language of communication.

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Legal services and areas of legal practice include: litigation and legal disputes of any complexity, domestic law, international arbitration, business legal support, M&A, business sales, real estate, and transactions involving commercial and residential real estate, family and civil law, criminal law, commercial and trade law, contract law, corporate rights transactions, debt collection, customs law, corporate law, business registration and re-registration, intellectual property rights, tax law and tax optimization, international private law, immigration, tenders, commercial law, land law, administrative and other legislation, account opening, business liquidation, and bankruptcy.


In an increasingly interconnected world, international law firms continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the legal landscape, providing clients with expertise and global reach.


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We have organized a vast network of partner legal offices abroad. This is an international legal project built in cooperation with our foreign partners.