Lawyer in France

Legal services, lawyer in France for citizens, foreigners and companies, legal defense in court and representation in France, legal advice

Адвокат в Франции для бизнеса и граждан

The law firm provides a large list of services in France and professional legal support, lawyer services, and legal support for commercial projects. Lawyers in France provide legal assistance to clients in many cities in France.

Our clients are French citizens, foreigners, and French and foreign companies. Legal services in France are provided to clients in foreign languages. Our French lawyers provide legal assistance in France for citizens and businesses. A professional French lawyer is the effective protection of your interests.


  • Legal advice
  • Legal support of firms
  • Commercial Law
  • Companies Verification
  • Company registration
  • Tax law
  • Debt collection
  • International Arbitration
  • Legal investigations
  • Intellectual property
  • Investment
  • Representation in court
  • Family law
  • Divorce in court
  • Civil law
  • Inheritance
  • Criminal law
  • Court of Human Rights
  • Insurance law
  • Real estate lawyer
  • Documents, certificates
  • Apostille on documents


French lawyers provide legal services for citizens and businesses for the protection and representation of interests in the police, court, and other state bodies, provide legal support for investment projects, support for export-import transactions, and more.


Services of a law firm in France:


  • Legal advice from a lawyer in France, consultation of a French lawyer, lawyer services in France, protection of the interests of citizens and business in court and law enforcement agencies: civil law, insurance law, family law, inheritance law, criminal law, insurance law, commercial law, tax law, corporate law, administrative law, real estate and transactions, intellectual property, contracts, and promissory notes; services of a French lawyer for foreigners;
  • Family lawyer in France: marriage contracts and division of property, divorce in Franceinternational divorce in France, legal services of a criminal lawyer in France, protection in the police, prosecutor's office, and court; insurance lawyer in France and disputes with insurance companies;
  • Real estate transactions in France, legal support of real estate transactions in France, purchase, and sale of residential and commercial real estate in France, legal registration of transactions for the purchase of real estate in France, purchase the real estate by a foreigner in France;
  • Inheritance in France: inheritance for real estate, business, bank account; registration of inheritance for a foreigner;
  • Registration of companies in France, preparation and execution of documents for opening an enterprise in France, organization of business activities, registration of a branch of a foreign company in France, consulting, tax law, and tax optimization; registration of a business for foreign clients in France, sale of a business in France, investment projects for buying and investing, Due Diligence, support of negotiations with business owners, legal support for buying and selling a business in France;
  • Investments in France, search for investment projects, financial and legal analysis of an investment project, investment support, legal support of investment transactions and contracts;
  • Legal support for business in France, commercial law, contracts and legal support in negotiations, support on export-import transactions; intellectual property in France, registration and protection;
  • Debt collection in France and arbitration; debt collection through court and debt collection from business through international commercial arbitration.