Lawyer in Turkey

Legal protection, lawyer in Turkey, legal company in Turkey, legal assistance in Turkey for companies, citizens, and foreigners

Lawyer in Turkey, law firm in Turkey

Turkey, a vibrant and dynamic country bridging Europe and Asia, boasts a rich cultural heritage and a rapidly growing economy. The legal company provides clients with legal services in the field of legislation for citizens, foreigners, businesses, and Turkish lawyer services in different cities.




Turkish lawyers will provide services, professional legal support, and assistance for Turkish and foreign clients.

Legal services and lawyer in Turkey:


Lawyers of the legal firm in Turkey provide legal assistance and protection in Turkish, Russian, and English languages.


Services of a legal company in Turkey:


  • Legal consultation, representation, and protection of interests in Turkish court, law enforcement agencies: family, civil, inheritance, insurance, commercial law, legal disputes; assistance to foreigners; document recovery (certificates, references, court decisions), apostille;
  • Real estate transaction support in Turkey: real estate investments, property and owner verification, real estate buying and selling transactions by foreigners;
  • Inheritance in Turkey: inheritance of property, business, bank account, inheritance lawyer and inheritance disputes in court, registration of inheritance rights for foreigners;
  • Immigration services through investments, business, purchase of residential real estate, residence permits, Turkish citizenship for foreigners;
  • Criminal defense lawyer: defense against various types of crimes of any complexity in the police, prosecution, court, criminal defense;
  • Family law lawyer in Turkey: support of the divorce process, divorce (divorce with a foreigner), international divorce in Turkey, division of spouses' property, adoption, legal assistance in family law; civil legislation; insurance law services: insurance compensation and disputes;
  • Company establishment in Turkey and corporate law: company registration, foreign representation, establishment of firms for foreign citizens, re-registration and reorganization of firms; tax optimization;
  • Legal support for business in Turkey: consulting, contracts, commercial transactions, taxes and optimization, contract litigation;
  • Debt collection on contracts in Turkey: international commercial arbitration, settlement of debt obligations, court recovery from businesses.