Lawyer in the Czech Republic

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Lawyer in the Czech Republic and law firm in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a thriving Central European nation known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and a rapidly growing economy. As the country continues to attract an increasing number of citizens, foreigners, and companies, the demand for legal services has also witnessed a significant rise. A law firm in the Czech Republic offers professional services of lawyers for businesses, citizens, and foreigners.




Whether you are a citizen in need of legal assistance, a foreigner navigating the intricacies of Czech law, or a company seeking expert advice, the Czech legal system offers a wide range of lawyer services to cater to your specific needs. Czech lawyers provide legal assistance and support to Czech and foreign clients in various categories of legal cases.


Legal services and lawyer in the Czech Republic



The Czech Republic offers a comprehensive range of lawyer services to cater to the diverse legal needs of citizens, foreigners, and companies. Lawyers provide representation for clients in government agencies, police, prosecution, and courts for legal disputes.


Services of a law firm in the Czech Republic:


  • Legal consultation in the Czech Republic: professional advisory services for citizens, foreigners, and businesses; legal document analysis, preparation of legal opinions, development of legal documents in the Czech Republic for courts, law enforcement, and government authorities; representation of clients' interests in court; lawyer services for citizens and foreigners in the Czech Republic: representation of interests and protection of rights in court, police, prosecution, legalization and enforcement of court decisions; restoration and obtaining of documents and certificates from government authorities, document legalization and apostille; translation bureau services (written translation of documents and texts on various topics), document translation certification, sworn translation, services of a court interpreter, legal translation.
  • Real estate lawyer in the Czech Republic (residential and commercial real estate): legal support for real estate transactions in the Czech Republic, lawyer for commercial and residential real estate transactions, verification of real estate documents prior to the transaction, assistance in signing a purchase and sale agreement for real estate at a notary, state registration of property rights to real estate, housing law.
  • Family lawyer in the Czech Republic: family law in the Czech Republic, divorce proceedings and divorce in court, international divorce in the Czech Republic, prenuptial agreement, property division in divorce, alimony, paternity establishment; lawyer for civil cases in the Czech Republic and civil law, recognition of transactions as invalid, compensation and damages recovery.
  • Immigration services in the Czech Republic: residence permit in the Czech Republic, immigration lawyer services in the Czech Republic, preparation of immigration documents and application for residence permit, immigration to the Czech Republic (through business, investments, education, family reunification, birth), visa arrangements.
  • Inheritance in the Czech Republic for real estate, business, bank accounts, shares, intellectual property): lawyer for inheritance matters in the Czech Republic, inheritance disputes in court, inheritance arrangements for citizens and foreigners.
  • Company registration in the Czech Republic and corporate law: company formation in the Czech Republic, business closure, company bankruptcy, legal address rental for company registration, preparation of founding documents, legal support for foreign investments; assistance in buying a business and re-registering the company to a new owner.
  • Legal support for companies in the Czech Republic: legal services for commercial law in the Czech Republic and corporate disputes, contracts, due diligence, mediation; tax law in the Czech Republic, tax optimization and tax consulting, administrative law and appeal of decisions by tax and customs authorities; insurance law in the Czech Republic and insurance disputes in court with insurance companies under property, health, business, and other risk insurance contracts (policies), insurance lawyer for legal disputes with insurance companies and collection of insurance payments; gathering information about companies, legal analysis of company documents and information, preparation of recommendations, mediation; accounting support for companies and bookkeeping, preparation of reports, tax payment monitoring, tax planning.
  • Intellectual and industrial property in the Czech Republic: copyright, registration and protection of intellectual property - lawyer for intellectual property in the Czech Republic, compensation, registration of trademarks, copyright and licensing agreements.
  • Debt collection for contracts with companies in the Czech Republic: debt collection lawyer in the Czech Republic, collection of debts from businesses and debts from citizens under contracts, search and seizure of debtor's property and assets, sale of debtor's property, commercial disputes and arbitration, international commercial arbitration.


Citizens of the Czech Republic can access various lawyer services to address their legal concerns.


Foreigners residing or conducting business in the Czech Republic often encounter legal challenges due to differences in language, culture, and unfamiliarity with the local legal system. In such cases, seeking the services of a lawyer well-versed in Czech law becomes essential.


The Czech Republic has become an attractive destination for businesses, both large and small, seeking opportunities in Central Europe. As companies navigate the legal landscape, they often require the assistance of specialized lawyers to ensure compliance, protect their interests, and resolve any legal disputes that may arise.