Legal Services On-line

Remotely order legal services online for companies, citizens, and foreigners. Access legal company and attorney services online for various legal cases in over 20 countries. Prepare legal documents online for court and other authorities. Obtain company documents and personal documents online, including the issuance of certificates and certifications. Develop contracts and other legal documents online.

Order services and legal services on-line

Citizens and businesses have the opportunity to promptly receive legal advice, protect their rights and legal interests, conduct business, and resolve other important matters. Legal services can be ordered ONLINE in more than 20 countries, quickly paid for, and received. These services provide the opportunity to obtain various legal services at a lower cos.


Online Services of the Law Firm:


  • Online legal consultation with a lawyer on legal matters.
  • Handling court cases, preparing court documents, filing documents with the court online, and managing cases in court.
  • Remote inheritance processing without personal presence.
  • Legal support for business, including preparation of contracts and other documents for companies, and execution of transactions involving corporate rights.
  • Legal support for real estate transactions, checking real estate and property owners, preparing documents, and conducting transactions.
  • Debt collection based on court decisions from companies and citizens.
  • Legal verification of companies, real estate, documents, property owners, and businesses; due diligence; checking counterparties; information gathering.
  • Company registration and re-registration, and company liquidation.
  • Mediation and conflict resolution without personal presence.
  • Immigration services for foreigners.
  • Obtaining documents from civil registry offices and other government bodies; processing certificates and statements.
  • Apostille and consular legalization of documents.
  • Written translation of documents, sworn translation, notary translation.


Online Legal Services:


Order, payment, and receipt - legal services online (remotely):


  • Sending a request for legal services in any convenient way (phone, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, feedback form on the website).
  • Signing a contract for the provision of legal services and sending an invoice for payment.
  • Payment for legal services in any convenient way (invoice, credit card payment, website payment, payment through international payment systems and transfer systems).
  • Sending documents for signature to the client by email (power of attorney, agreements, forms, applications, claims, and other documents).
  • Receiving original documents from the client necessary for providing the service through domestic and international payment services.
  • Working on the legal case.
  • Delivering the legal service to the client and sending the original documents to the client after providing the legal services through domestic and international postal services.


In the near future, the legal business will completely change, and the profession of lawyer or attorney will either disappear or radically transform, as will the method of providing legal services. Clients will no longer need to search for a lawyer or law firm. Instead, they will seek fast, understandable, and budget-friendly legal services with the ability to resolve various legal matters and tasks remotely.


We keep up with the times by implementing new technologies and services in the legal field, integrating with various legal services platforms, and offering new services and legal assistance to clients. Now, every client, regardless of their location, can receive certain legal services and order additional services remotely.


Technological advancements constantly transform various businesses, leading to changes or the disappearance of many professions. Legal services and the profession of lawyer or attorney are no exception. The digitalization of the legal business is the future, allowing it to extend beyond one country and provide legal services of varying complexity to clients from anywhere in the world.


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