Debt Collection

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Prompt debt collection by a lawyer through the court

Debt collection can be a challenging and often contentious process, both for creditors seeking to recover what they are owed and for debtors facing financial difficulties. To ensure fairness, compliance with regulations, and resolution process, many creditors turn to services for debt collection.


Settlement of obligations and Debt collection services


Professional legal services ensure that both creditors and debtors have their rights protected throughout the debt collection process. Debt collection activities are conducted in accordance with the law. Our lawyers have extensive experience in debt collection under contracts and provide services for insurance companies, banks, credit organizations, leasing companies, factoring companies.


Lawyers provide services: legal advice on debt, legal analysis of documents and the causes of debt, preparation of documents for initiating a collection procedure, development of an action plan, settlement of debt obligations, search and seizure of the debtor's assets, debt collection in court, managing cases in international commercial arbitration, supporting enforcement proceedings, and executing court decisions abroad.


Legal services for debt collection are essential for navigating the complex and highly regulated terrain of debt recovery. They protect the rights of both creditors and debtors, ensure compliance with the law, and provide expert guidance in negotiations and, when necessary, litigation.