Lawyer in Colombia

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Адвокат в Колумбии

Colombia lawyers specialize in Colombian national law and international law.


  • Protection in court
  • Lawyer for foreigners
  • Commercial Law
  • Taxation
  • Registration of companies
  • Real estate attorney
  • Debt collection
  • Legal advice
  • Defense in court
  • Lawyer for Citizens
  • Lawyer for foreigners
  • Divorce
  • Immigration Law
  • Real estate lawyer


Legal services and legal assistance of a lawyer in Colombia are provided to clients in Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, and others. Colombia lawyers provide legal assistance to citizens and businesses.


Legal services in Colombia:


  • Legal advice of a Colombian lawyer, services of a lawyer in Colombia, defense in court and law enforcement agencies; lawyer services for foreigners; services of a family lawyer in Colombia: divorce (divorce from a foreigner), international divorce in Colombia, division of property; insurance lawyer in disputes with insurance companies;
  • Legal support for business in Colombia: registration of companies in Colombia, registration of branches of companies, registration of groups of companies, holdings, and Joint Venture; business reorganization; buying and selling a business in Colombia; commercial law; support of contracts and international contracts (purchase and sale, distribution, credit, insurance, transportation, freight, commission, commercial concession, and others), registration of companies in offshore areas;
  • Taxation in Colombia: payment of taxes on business activities (income tax, tax on dividends, and other taxes), tax returns, tax residence, taxation on transactions (international transactions); tax consulting and tax optimization; representation before administrative and judicial authorities in tax disputes;
  • The activities of the seaports in Colombia; lease agreements for mooring spaces for ships, registration of ships, purchase, and sale of yachts, ships, and other vessels, legal support of transactions with water transport, representation of interests before brokers, port organizations, and other entities;

  • Commercial disputes in Colombia: representation of interests in arbitration and international commercial arbitration, enforcement of decisions of national and foreign arbitrations in Colombia; Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Colombia. Arbitration (arbitration) and international commercial arbitration issues; debt collection abroad, international commercial arbitration;
  • Investment projects in Colombia: legal support of foreign investments, confirmation of the legality of the source of income; foreign exchange and securities market, opening bank accounts;
  • Intellectual and industrial property in Colombia: legal support on registration and protection of intellectual and industrial property rights (copyrights, rights to patents, utility models, industrial designs, know-how, as well as means of individualization), preparation of documents, representation in court, international protection, support of franchising agreements (franchises);Disputes in Colombia in the field of civil and commercial law in Colombia (negotiations, mediation, conclusion, and signing of agreements);
  • Real estate lawyer in Colombia: legal support of transactions with residential and commercial real estate, risk analysis during the transaction, verification of the property and the owner; support of transactions for the sale and purchase of real estate abroad for foreigners and companies;
  • Residence in Colombia: Legal support on migration issues (obtaining and extending a visa or temporary stay under a visa-free regime, residence, obtaining citizenship), issues of obtaining a residence (residence permit) when starting a business and making investments in Colombia; immigration abroad: registration of a residence permit abroad and foreign citizenship.