Inheritance by law and by will, lawyer services in inheritance law for citizens and foreigners, inheritance processing, preparation of documents for the registration, and inheritance disputes in court.

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Inheritance services have become increasingly relevant in today's world. The services encompass a wide range of financial and legal tools designed to facilitate the transfer of assets and wealth from one generation to the next. Inheritance processing is a responsible procedure that requires knowledge of the legislation of each specific country. A law firm handles inheritance procedures, provides services related to inheritance law, and offers inheritance rights registration services.

Registering Inheritance Rights


Lawyers specializing in inheritance cases provide legal services, assist citizens, offer legal consultations on inheritance processing, prepare documents, determine the property and assets being inherited (apartment, house, commercial real estate, land, shares in a company's capital, stocks, bank accounts, dividends, insurance payouts).

Importance of Services:


  • Asset Protection: Proper inheritance planning can protect assets from unnecessary taxes, creditors, and potential disputes among heirs.
  • Minimizing Conflicts: Clearly articulated instructions in wills can help prevent family disputes over the distribution of assets, reducing stress and potential legal battles among heirs.
  • Tax Efficiency: Services can help minimize the tax burden on estate and heirs, potentially saving them a significant amount of money.
  • Preserving Family Values: The planning allows to pass down not only wealth but also values and principles.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that financial affairs are in order and that loved ones will be taken care of according to wishes can provide tremendous peace of mind.


The cost of registering inheritance rights, taxation, official fees, and exemptions depends on the heir's relationship to the deceased and the specific legislation of the country.


Lawyers provide additional services: obtaining certificates, document preparation, document translation and certification of translations, property and asset assessment, calculation and payment of taxes and official fees. Legal representation in court includes restoring deadlines, establishing legal facts of kinship or death, recognizing inheritance rights, increasing or decreasing the share, dividing inheritance among heirs, and resolving disputes over wills.


Inheritance services are a vital aspect of securing and ensuring that assets are transferred smoothly to loved ones. Regardless of the size of estate, proper planning can protect assets, minimize tax liabilities, and reduce potential conflicts among heirs.