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The vibrant city of Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, has witnessed rapid transformation over the years. With its rich history, a dynamic business environment, and a diverse population, it is essential for residents and businesses to have access to quality legal services to navigate the complexities of the legal landscape. A law firm in Kyiv provides Ukrainian and foreign clients with the services of a lawyer, legal services for citizens and firms.


Legal Services and Lawyer in Kyiv:



The legal services provided by lawyers in Kyiv play an integral role in upholding justice and protecting the rights of individuals and businesses in the city. Legal services and legal assistance are offered by a lawyer in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. We provide legal services in Kyiv in foreign languages.


Services of a Law Firm in Kyiv:


  • Legal advice in Kyiv for citizens and businesses; Preparation of legal documents for the court and contracts; Lawyer services in court in Kyiv: protection of rights and representation of interests in court, police, prosecutor's office, and other government bodies, before firms and citizens; a Lawyer services for foreigners in Kyiv, legal assistance in a foreign language; Obtaining Certificates from the registry office, apostille in Kyiv, legalization of documents at the consulate, preparation of documents for immigration.


  • Criminal Law and criminal procedure - criminal lawyer in Kyiv: defense in court and law enforcement agencies, appeal, and cassation, interrogation, suspicion of a criminal case, arrest, collection of evidence, strategy and tactics for legal protection. Defense in criminal cases: murder, drugs, damage to health, robbery, bribe, forgery, fraud, robbery, extortion, weapons, traffic accidents. Legal investigation: investigation of legal cases, detection of adultery, identification and confirmation of the fact of marriage fraud, collection of information, investigation of an accident in private, collection of evidence in criminal or other cases, asset search, and property, checking documents and verifying information. Insurance law - a lawyer for insurance disputes in Kyiv: insurance disputes with insurance companies, insurance compensation through the court.
  • Family Law - Family lawyer in Kyiv: preparation of documents for the court, and other documents, representation of interests in court by a family lawyer, divorce in Kyiv (divorce from a foreigner), international divorce, division of marital property, deprivation of parental rights, the establishment of paternity, adoption of a child (international adoption). Civil Law and support in the court of civil disputes, a Civil lawyer, compensation for damage, invalidation of transactions, preparation of contracts, representation of interests in court in civil disputes.
  • Legal support of real estate transactions in Kyiv (commercial and residential real estate), and housing law: notarization of transactions at a notary, support of the sale and purchase of the real estate by a foreigner in Kyiv, verification of real estate, opening an investment account for the purchase of the real estate by a foreigner in a Ukrainian bank, services of a real estate lawyer when buying commercial and residential real estate, foreign investment, support for the purchase of commercial real estate by foreign companies, registration of ownership.
  • Inheritance Law - registration of inheritance in Kyiv for Ukrainian citizens and registration of inheritance for foreigners (real estate, land, bank accounts, business), inheritance lawyer in Kyiv: services of an inheritance lawyer, inheritance by law and inheritance under a will, inheritance disputes in court, recognition of a will as invalid, division of inheritance through the court.
  • Immigration to Ukraine and a migration lawyer in Kyiv, immigration services: citizenship, temporary residence permit in Kyiv, permanent residence permit, confirmation of the child’s citizenship.
  • Business registration in Kyiv and an entrepreneur: registration of an LLC in Kyiv (Limited Liability Company), corporate law and corporate disputes, corporate conflicts, tax law and tax optimization, support of corporate rights transactions, opening an investment account and registering firms with foreign founders, registration of a foreign representative office in Ukraine, nominee services, investments; sale of firms, support for the sale and re-registration of corporate rights to a business, transactions for the purchase of a business; Business liquidation in Kyiv: liquidation of LLC in Kyiv, bankruptcy, business reorganization.
  • Legal support of business in Kyiv: support for firms, preparation of contracts, negotiations, representation in government and local authorities; Commercial Law and commercial disputes, representation of interests in business disputes, execution of a court order; Administrative Law and administrative disputes in court, the services of a lawyer in administrative cases, the appeal of administrative offenses, legal support in administrative disputes in court, administrative appeal; Tax Law and tax disputes, audit of financial and economic documents, tax consulting and tax optimization, tax debt; Finance and Banking Law: assist clients in matters related to banking, securities, and financial transactions. IT lawyer and Legal services for IT companies in Kyiv: support for IT companies and IT business, business structure development, contracts for IT, e-business and e-commerce, development of a public offer and other documents, tax optimization, law GAMEDEV; accounting services for business: consulting, preparation of reports and payment documents, control of the payment of taxes.
  • Intellectual property and copyrights: services of an IP lawyer, registration and protection of intellectual property, licensing contracts, trademark and copyright registration, patents, royalties, and compensation.
  • Debt collection services in Kyiv for business and citizens: debt collection under a contract, support for the execution of court decisions, protection of the interests of the creditor and the debtor (arrest of property, inventory of property, seizure of property, property valuation, property sale), appeal against actions of state executors, preparation of inquiries, letters, complaints, a ban on leaving the debtor, searching for the property of a debtor; International Commercial Arbitration Court: representation and protection of the interests of the parties when considering an arbitration dispute, execution of a decision of an arbitration court, mediation.


In a dynamic and diverse city like Kyiv, having access to quality legal services is not just a luxury but a necessity in ensuring fairness, compliance with the law, and the protection of rights and interests. The law firm provides professional legal services.


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