War crimes lawyer in Ukraine

Criminal offenses against the procedure established by law for carrying out or performing military service, committed by military personnel, as well as those liable for military service and reservists during training, war crimes in Ukraine. War crimes lawyer in Ukraine.

Military war crimes, war crimes lawyer in Ukraine, military lawyer in Ukraine

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Lawyer for criminal war crimes in Ukraine against the order of military service defends clients in criminal proceedings. More than 30 articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provide for this category of crimes. The practical sphere of activity of a lawyer includes the protection of the rights and interests of the military. 


Military lawyer in Ukraine - War crimes lawyer in Ukraine:



The following are established and recognized by the legislation of Ukraine as war crimes: disobedience to the commander, failure to comply with the order of the commander, resistance to the commander, violation of the charter, desertion, refusal to serve, theft of weapons and ammunition, destruction or damage to military property, violation of the rules for handling weapons, violation of the rules of military service or patrol, disclosure of state secrets, inaction, transfer of military equipment and weapons to the enemy, escape from the battlefield, voluntary surrender, looting, violence against people, mistreatment of prisoners, and others.


Services of a military lawyer - War crimes lawyer in Ukraine:


  • legal advice on military law in criminal cases;
  • studying the materials of the criminal case; participation in the conduct of procedural investigative actions; collecting evidence; conflict resolution;
  • defense in court, prosecutor's office, and law enforcement agencies; appeal against a court verdict;
  • appeal against disciplinary and administrative liability;
  • legal protection of citizens called up to serve in the army: appealing the results of passing the VLK - medical examinations; legal protection in case of accusation of refusal to register or mobilization; illegal delivery of a military notice; delay from mobilization; call for service and the procedure for serving in the army; military registration and removal from military registration.


Ukrainian legislation provides for different criminal liability for military crimes, depending on the severity of the criminal offense: a disciplinary battalion, prison or restriction of liberty, arrest, restriction in military service, or a fine.


The lawyer provides protection and provides legal assistance to the military, conscripts, and their families. A military lawyer in Ukraine knows all the nuances of the law.