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Services on family law of Ukraine for citizens and foreigners. Family lawyer in Ukraine on family law. Family law of Ukraine and Ukrainian legislation on family. Family law lawyer in Ukraine.

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A family law lawyer in Ukraine provides legal services in Ukrainian family law. This allows clients in a family dispute to get the help of a Ukrainian family lawyer, to entrust the protection of rights and legitimate interests in family cases in court, and to order the services of a divorce lawyer abroad.

Services of a family lawyer in Ukraine:



Professional and prompt legal advice and legal assistance from a lawyer in family cases will help eliminate many negative problems and consequences.


Family cases in Ukraine:


  • Divorce in Ukraine: divorce through the court between citizens, divorce with a foreigner in Ukraine, international divorce in Ukraine;
  • Division of property of spouses in Ukraine, settlement of property disputes between spouses;
  • Recognition of marriage as invalid in court, annulment of the marriage contract;
  • Deprivation of parental rights in court, restoration of parental rights;
  • Establishing paternity in court, appealing paternity; determining the place of residence of the child, establishing the procedure for participation in the upbringing of the child, and communication with the child;
  • Adoption of a child, international adoption in Ukraine of a child by foreigners;
  • International family law and family legal relations abroad;
  • Establishment of a legal fact.


Family disputes are a difficult moral and psychological test for the parties. Citizens often need to get prompt legal assistance from qualified lawyers who have extensive experience in legal support in family cases. This legal aid minimizes the negative consequences of divorce litigation for the client. In most cases, family disputes can be peacefully settled through the conclusion of contracts.


Family law services in Ukraine:


  • Legal advice on family cases in Ukraine;
  • Representation in family disputes in court and legal protection;
  • Support of negotiations with the second party and with third parties on family cases and divorces;
  • Preparation of settlement agreements, determination of the place of residence of the child; legal examination of documents;
  • Preparing and sending lawyer requests to law enforcement agencies and organizations, collecting complete and correct information about the procedure and application of the law;
  • Development of a marriage contract.


A professional family lawyer protects the interests of the client, and his family provides legal security through professional advice. A lawyer provides assistance, prepares legal documents, and controls the legality and correctness of the actions of public officials.