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Sworn translation is a term used to describe the translation of documents with legal significance, such as contracts, legal agreements, court documentsand, other documents of companies and individuals. When applying to government authorities in various countries for educational purposes, permanent residence, company registration, property purchase, individuals, and companies encounter the requirement to provide a sworn professional translation. Sworn translations are conducted by translators who have undergone a special licensing procedure and are listed in specific registers.


Accredited Translation Services - Languages of Sworn Translation:


  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian


A sworn translation is a translation of a document that has been certified by a sworn translator. This means that the translator has taken an oath before a court or a notary public to provide an accurate and faithful written translation of the original document.

Sworn Translation of Documents - Types of Official Translation:


  • Accredited Translation: Sworn translation confirms the actual authenticity and adequacy of the translation. The translator assumes personal responsibility for both the translation and document formatting. This service is performed by translators accredited in countries such as France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.
  • Judicial Translation: Specifically carried out for Germany within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Notarized Translation: A notary certifies the authenticity of the translator's signature (commonly used in most countries).


Sworn translation, also known as certified translation, is a type of translation service required for official documents used in a legal or official capacity.

Documents for Translation:


  • Civil status documents - certificates (birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates).
  • Property title documents, rights to assets, shares, and company ownership.
  • Contracts, financial and bank statements, reports, residence certificates.
  • Powers of attorney, statements, marriage contracts, and other notarial documents.
  • Diplomas, diploma supplements, educational certificates.
  • Court decisions, resolutions, and acts.
  • Certificates of no criminal record.
  • Documents for visa applications.


Legalization procedures for translations may vary by country. In France and the Czech Republic, certification at the embassy is not required; the translator possesses a seal issued by the embassy for certification. In Italy and Spain, the translation must bear the embassy's seal, and the translator holds a special status. A certified legal translation becomes a legitimate equivalent of the original document.


Sworn translations are important because they provide an accurate translation of an official document that can be used in a legal or official capacity. Sworn translations provide a guarantee of accuracy and are typically required to be submitted along with the original document.


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