English-speaking lawyer

Legal services in English and an English-speaking lawyer for companies, citizens, and foreigners

An English-speaking lawyer is a specialist in the field of law who is proficient in spoken English and provides legal services in English for citizens, foreigners, businesses, foreign companies. They provide professional legal protection of rights and representation of clients' interests in court, law enforcement agencies, government authorities, and in dealings with businesses and citizens.


Services in English and an English-speaking lawyer


An English-speaking lawyer for a company takes on the resolution of legal situations that require professional knowledge of the English language and legal terminology. Professional English-speaking lawyers assist clients in finding effective ways to resolve the most complex legal situations.


Legal services in English:


  • Consultation in English, online consultations on various legal matters of any complexity.
  • Legal analysis of court documents and contracts, situations, preparation of legal positions and case resolution strategies.
  • Preparation of legal documents for court, contracts in English, founding documents of companies.
  • Pre-trial settlement of legal disputes in English, resolution of disputes and conflict situations.
  • Representation and defense by an English-speaking lawyer in courts in cases of various categories.


Timely consultation with a lawyer will help avoid many legal problems. 

Specialization of an English-speaking lawyer:



Within the structure of the company, it provides the services of a foreign language translation agency that translates documents and texts and provides services for obtaining documents, notarization, consular legalization, and apostille on documents.


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