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Immigration lawyer in Ukraine, our law firm for immigration services, provides legal assistance for immigration to Ukraine. You can ask a lawyer of a law firm for the cost of migration services.


Services of an immigration lawyer - Immigration to Ukraine:



The law firm provides foreign clients with a large list of services on the migration law of Ukraine and represents the interests of foreigners on migration cases in the territorial divisions of the State Migration Service and other state authorities.


Immigration services in Ukraine:


  • Legal advice to an immigration lawyer for immigration to Ukraine (residence permit, citizenship), preparation of documents and registration of a migration visa to Ukraine, registration of an immigration permit; , registration of visas for immigration abroad;
  • Temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine;
  • Permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Replacement of a permanent residence permit (replacement of a permanent residence permit form upon reaching the age of 25 and 45 years, replacement in case of loss or theft of a document from a foreigner, replacement in case of damage to the document);
  • Registration of citizenship of Ukraine;
  • Invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine;
  • Confirmation of the child's citizenship;
  • Legal support for registration of marriage with a citizen of Ukraine, urgent registration of marriage with a foreigner;
  • Registration of a business in Ukraine for foreign citizens, legal support of investments in the Ukrainian economy;
  • Support in buying real estate by a foreigner - investing in real estate;
  • Registration of a certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine;
  • Obtaining documents from the registry office (certificate);
  • Apostille on documents and consular legalization of documents;
  • Translation agency services and notary certification of document translation (translation of more than 30 foreign languages);
  • Preparation of documents for traveling abroad for permanent residence from Ukraine;
  • Immigration abroad through the purchase of the real estate, business registration, investments, and more.


Immigration of foreigners to Ukraine is a very popular service among foreign citizens who are interested in obtaining a permit for immigration to Ukraine, obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, and obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. Foreign investors who want to come legally to Ukraine to register a business, work, permanently reside in Ukraine, and conduct business is of particular interest in the immigration service to Ukraine. Foreigners can immigrate to Ukraine for permanent or temporary residence and obtain a residence permit in Ukraine.


Legal immigration to Ukraine allows foreign citizens to legally stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days, officially work, register and run their own business. Ukrainian legislation on migration regulates the procedure for obtaining official legal status by foreigners. Our lawyers on migration law advise on migration legislation and passport and visa regime and provide legal assistance and legal support to foreign citizens on immigration to Ukraine. The legal grounds and the process of immigration to Ukraine are regulated by migration legislation: the Law of Ukraine "On Immigration", the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Approval of the Procedure for the Formation of the Immigration Quota, the Procedure for Proceedings on Applications for Granting an Immigration Permit and Submissions on Its Cancellation and Implementation of the Decisions registration and issuance of a residence permit, Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Approval of the Procedure for Registration, Production, and Issuance of Residence Permits and Residence Permits and a Technical Description of Their Forms and Amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


Within the limits of the immigration quota, a permit for immigration to Ukraine can be issued by: scientists and cultural workers; persons who invest more than 100 thousand US dollars in the Ukrainian economy; parents, spouse of an immigrant and their minor children; close relatives of a citizen of Ukraine; former citizens of Ukraine; refugees. Outside the immigration quota, a permit for immigration to Ukraine can be issued by: one of the spouses, if the other is a citizen of Ukraine (have been married for more than two years), children and parents of a citizen of Ukraine; foreigners who have the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin; guardians and trustees of a citizen of Ukraine, or who are under the guardianship or guardianship of a citizen of Ukraine; foreigners whose immigration is of state interest for Ukraine; foreign Ukrainians, spouses of foreign Ukrainians, their children.