Business registration for a foreigner in Ukraine

Opening and registration of a business for a foreigner in Ukraine. Business registration for a foreigner in Ukraine. Opening a company - an LLC with foreign founders for a foreign citizen and a foreign company.

Registration of an LLC for a foreigner, Business registration for a foreigner in Ukraine

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Registration of a company with a foreign founder in Ukraine is the registration of a business in Ukraine, which is specific and where the founders and owners of Ukrainian companies are foreign citizens and foreign companies (non-residents of Ukraine).

Registration of a company - Business registration for a foreigner in Ukraine:



Our lawyers provide services for the registration of companies in Ukraine for foreign clients. Our specialists have experience in opening a business in Ukraine for clients from more than 80 countries.

Business registration for a foreigner in Ukraine:

  • Legal advice on business registration for foreign founders, selection of the optimal form of organization and business registration, assistance in choosing the types of activities of the company, preparation of the company's constituent documents and contracts;
  • Business registration for foreign clients in Ukraine (registration of companies with founders of foreign citizens and foreign firms), opening a company account in a Ukrainian bank;
  • Legal support for foreign business in Ukraine;
  • Аccounting services for supporting companies with foreign founders;
  • Registration of companies abroad (more than 30 countries), registration of offshore companies;
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property;
  • Translation agency of foreign languages, translation of documents, notarized translation;
  • Services for immigration to Ukraine on the basis of a business: a temporary residence permit, a permanent residence permit, a work permit for a foreign citizen, issuing an invitation for a foreigner, registration of a foreigner's place of residence in Ukraine;
  • Registration of a Ukrainian tax number for a foreigner.
The optimal organizational form for registering a business with foreign founders in Ukraine is LLC (Limited Liability Company). LLC is a separate company in which the founders are foreign citizens or a foreign company (the founders form the authorized capital in full or in parts). LLC with foreign founders has all the rights that Ukrainian companies have. The company has the right to engage in economic activities, sign contracts, hire employees.


The authorized capital of a foreign company is formed by 3 options: in money (the authorized capital is formed, from which you can pay for office, equipment, pay wages and settle under contracts), property (equipment, furniture, software and other property) or a combined method (money and property). The authorized capital after use can be replenished in any amount. The maximum and minimum size of the authorized capital is not limited by Ukrainian legislation. The director of the company can be a citizen of Ukraine or a foreign citizen with a residence permit in Ukraine or a foreigner who has a work permit in Ukraine.