Accounting services

Professional accounting services for the economic activities of companies and entrepreneurs, financial and tax accounting at the enterprise.

Company accounting services, Accounting services


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Most firms have problems with organizing and maintaining accounting and need professional accounting services. It is difficult to find a professional accountant who does the bookkeeping, always monitors changes in legislation and knows how to establish contact with tax and other regulatory authorities.


Accounting services for companies:


  • consulting on accounting and preparation of reports (taxation, tax optimization, selection of the optimal taxation system, commercial law and foreign economic activity, financial control, labor legislation, wages, VAT), analysis of contracts, optimization of business processes;
  • business registration: registration of a entrepreneur, registration of an LLC, registration of a company for foreign founders, registration of a foreign representative office;
  • maintenance of data bases, processing of primary documents and registration of business transactions, accounting;
  • preparation and submission of financial and tax reports, preparation of information on the amount and timing of tax payment;
  • management accounting for owners and managers;
  • communication with fiscal authorities and passing inspections;
  • maintaining personnel documentation, calculating wages, drawing up and submitting reports on payroll taxes, drawing up certificates;
  • control of payment of taxes, preparation of payment documents via Internet banking, preparation of invoices, preparation and registration of tax invoices;
  • verification of calculations under contracts;
  • budget planning, budget execution analysis;
  • tax planning;
  • management accounting, financial and economic analysis, payment calendar;
  • audit and audit services, personnel, tax and financial audit;
  • liquidation of firms and bankruptcy, business closure, cancellation of fines, re-registration of business, urgent liquidation of firms.


Most companies that are starting a business have many questions in the process of organizing business activities, organizing and maintaining accounting. The main problem is finding qualified accounting personnel. An experienced accountant should do the bookkeeping. This will give a businessman an opportunity to develop his business and open new directions, save time and money.