Registration of an Offshore Company

Opening a business and registration of an offshore company in an offshore jurisdiction

An offshore is a country or territory with a special business regime (special economic zone), with low taxes or zero taxes, with simple reporting rules or with no reporting requirement, with the ability to hide business owners - beneficiaries. There are more than 50 offshore zones (jurisdictions) in the world in which there is a simple procedure for registering companies, there are no currency restrictions, and there are no taxes for companies that are registered in an offshore jurisdiction but doing business outside of its offshore jurisdiction. The main advantages of offshore companies: are no taxation, simple legislation, and government support for foreign business.


Offshore Jurisdictions



Business through offshore companies legally increases profits. A company registered in an offshore zone can do business all over the world, and minimize or not pay taxes. In most offshore jurisdictions, companies do not undergo an audit and do not submit financial statements (statements are submitted once a year or there are no reports). The authorized capital of companies in most offshore companies is declared (it is not necessary to actually deposit money into the account).


Legal Support for Offshore Companies:


  • Legal advice on registering a company in an offshore, consulting, and tax planning;
  • Registration of companies in offshore jurisdictions, concealment of the ultimate beneficiary of the company (real business owner), registration of international commercial companies, registration of private funds, registration of international trusts and management of trusts, sale of offshore companies, registration of companies in Europe, the USA and China;
  • Legal support of offshore companies, accounting;
  • Migration of an offshore company ("re-domiciliation" or relocation) - a change in the legal location of a company, transfer of an offshore company from one country to another and a change by the company of its official legal location, the transfer of an offshore company under the jurisdiction and laws of another state;
  • Registration of ships in offshore areas: assistance and support in filling out forms for registering ships, submitting registration documents, obtaining licenses, paying annual fees, and excluding ships from the Registers of Shipping;
  • Nominee services for offshore companies, virtual office;
  • International commercial disputes;
  • Crypto consulting;
  • Migration services and migration services (residence permit and citizenship), offshore residence;
  • Opening bank accounts (corporate and personal accounts).


Offshore companies are the most popular way of doing business through which companies receive tax benefits and optimize taxes.


We provide consulting services for registration, administration, legal, and accounting services for companies offshore, and we advise on international tax planning.