Offshore Migration

Legal offshore migration to another jurisdiction - offshore redomicialization and relocation.

Re-registration of an offshore, Offshore Migration, migration of an offshore to another jurisdiction

Redomiciliation (Relocation) - change of an offshore company to an offshore jurisdiction. Often in many classic offshore jurisdictions, uncomfortable events occur for business owners and registered offshore companies. In these situations, it is reasonable and rational to search for the optimal offshore jurisdiction. There are offshore countries with stable corporate laws that provide for the possibility of transferring to their jurisdiction "offshore company migration". To effectively provide legal assistance in the relocation of offshore companies to other jurisdictions, we have partners in all offshore jurisdictions and who have extensive practical experience in the domestic legislation of various offshore countries and international commercial law.

Reasons for Offshore Migration companies to other jurisdictions:


  • the legislation of the offshore jurisdiction has changed: taxes have been established or taxes have been increased, the requirements for company reporting have been increased, new legislative requirements and restrictions have been introduced;
  • violation of the confidentiality regime, there was a disclosure of information about the beneficiaries, there is a threat of opening public registers for the structures of offshore companies;
  • the introduction of discriminatory measures in offshore jurisdictions against companies;
  • the introduction of restrictions on offshore in other countries and offshore jurisdictions;
  • the offshore has lost its relevance and more.


Not all forms of offshore companies can change jurisdiction from the jurisdiction of initial registration. This is due to the requirements of the legislation of the country where the company is located. In this situation, analysis and knowledge of the specifics of the base and other offshore jurisdictions is needed for the correct relocation of an offshore company. To relocate a company from a basic offshore jurisdiction to a new offshore jurisdiction, you need to know the presence or absence of a direct prohibition or the presence of permission in the laws of the country where the offshore company is located to change the jurisdiction of the company. In most cases, classic corporations and limited liability companies have no problems with relocation to another jurisdiction.


When an offshore jurisdiction is relocated, the rules by which the company operates are changed. The relocation of the jurisdiction of an offshore company does not negate or affect the fulfillment of contractual obligations and responsibilities that arose before the migration of the company. Our lawyers and other specialists provide full legal support for the migration of offshore companies and the relocation of an offshore company to another jurisdiction: support in the procedure for making a decision on the relocation of a company, preparation of protocols, acts and other documents (in accordance with the legislation of the offshore jurisdiction); support of registration procedures, representation of interests before registrars and other bodies of offshore jurisdiction; support of other procedures (notification of creditors, contract partners, banks, courts and arbitrations); preparation and execution of documents provided for by the legislation of the offshore jurisdiction, adaptation of the organizational and legal form of the offshore company to the requirements of the legislation.