Legal services for business in Ukraine

Professional legal services for business in Ukraine. Support and legal support for companies on business issues. Business services for Ukrainian and foreign companies in Ukraine.

Lawyer for companies and businesses, legal services for business in Ukraine

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Legal business services (outsourcing) is a complex of legal services for firms that are provided based on a contract to resolve legal matters and issues that arise in the conduct of business by a company.

Lawyer for business - Legal services for business in Ukraine:



The company's lawyers provide clients with legal support services for companies in Ukraine and legal support services for companies abroad. The cost of legal services for business depends on the volume of services of the law firm and the legal services that the client needs.


Business Consulting Services in Ukraine:


  • Legal advice for business, preparation of legal opinions, representation of interests in negotiations with partners; assessment of the judicial perspective of a legal case and preparation of recommendations, claim work; legal investigations in Ukraine and collection of information; preparation of legal documents and contractual work (drafting, examination, certification), legal analysis and provision of recommendations on legal risks; preparation of inquiries and information letters to state authorities and local self-government; preparation of regulatory material at the request of the client; verification and legal analysis of legal documentation, constituent documents, contracts; mediation and conflict resolution;


Business defense in court and representation in Ukraine:


  • Representation of business interests in court and other state bodies; defense by a lawyer in criminal cases; disputes with insurance companies in court;
  • Commercial lawyer in Ukraine;
  • Lawyer in administrative law in Ukraine, a lawyer in tax law, representation of interests in administrative and regulatory state bodies, protection during tax audits; customs lawyer;
  • Debt collection from companies in Ukraine; international commercial arbitration; legal support of enforcement proceedings and execution of court decisions; a collection of debts abroad under contracts;
  • Protection of intellectual property in Ukraine, registration of rights to objects of intellectual property and copyrights;


Additional services for business in Ukraine:


  • Legal support for foreign business in Ukraine;
  • Legal support of transactions with commercial real estate and transactions for the purchase and sale of business; commercial real estate agency services (purchase and sale of commercial real estate, land, and business);
  • Legal support for IT business in Ukraine;
  • Corporate lawyer; support and company registration for foreign founders in Ukraine, representative offices, offshore company registration, amendments to the constituent documents of the company, legal support of investment projects (startups and technologies), investments in the Ukrainian economy; registration of companies in offshores and tax incentives; bankruptcy of firms, reorganization, liquidation of business;
  • accounting services for companies in Ukraine;
  • immigration abroad through investment, business, and real estate purchase;
  • Due Diligence and other services.


The law firm offers cooperation: execution of a contract for legal business services; ordering legal services with payment by the hour; ordering legal services at a fixed cost. You can choose the optimal package of legal services in Ukraine that you need. The legal services for companies include comprehensive legal support. Legal services are additionally paid with a fixed cost. The contract for legal services is concluded for 3 months. At the end of each month, the client is provided with a written report on the legal work done. When signing a contract for legal services, you will receive discounts on other legal services of a law firm (during the period of the contract with a law firm). Under the contract for legal services for the business, the client's interests are not represented in court, support for the execution of court decisions, or representation of the interests of firms before third parties (these legal services are provided based on additional contracts).


Legal services for companies in Ukraine are provided after signing the contract. The client receives a responsible legal advisor who provides legal support and coordination with other lawyers of the company. The client appoints an authorized person to liaise with the law firm and the responsible specialist. Contact and exchange of information are carried out through telephone, personal meetings, mail, and other communications. 


Benefits of cooperation with a law firm: fewer costs for creating and maintaining additional jobs and specialists; the qualifications of law firm employees are more than the qualifications of a personal lawyer; guarantee of prompt professional legal assistance for a fixed fee; the client has a personal specialist. In addition, our specialists provide accounting and HR administration services. Our clients can contact lawyers and other specialists at any time.