Legal Investigation Services

Legal investigation services. Full legal investigation of legal and lawful cases, analysis and study of legal documents, evidence, information.

Investigation services and legal investigation for legal cases

Legal investigation services play a crucial role in verifying facts and providing critical legal support to lawyers, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and individuals. These investigative services encompass a wide range of activities, from gathering information and conducting interviews to performing background checks and surveillance, and searching for people.


Collection of information and Legal Investigation Services


These investigative services aid in obtaining crucial information and evidence for various legal matters. Our lawyers are former law enforcement officers (police and tax police investigators, operational officers of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and experts) with extensive practical experience.


Professional legal investigation services:


  • Criminal Defense: Criminal defense attorneys often rely on specialists to examine the evidence against their clients, locate witnesses, and gather information that can help build a solid defense strategy.
  • Civil Litigation: In civil cases, investigators assist in uncovering facts related to disputes, such as personal injury claims, intellectual property disputes, and contract breaches.
  • Family Law: Specialists may be involved in cases related to divorce, child custody, and domestic disputes, detection of adultery, investigation of marriage fraud, and identification of marriage scammers.
  • Corporate Investigations: Companies use legal investigation services to investigate issues like employee misconduct, fraud, and intellectual property theft, and to obtain extracts from state registers on companies (judicial and commercial registers).
  • Insurance Claims: Insurance companies employ investigators to assess the validity of claims and identify potential fraud. This helps protect insurers and keeps premiums fair for policyholders.


To provide services, we collaborate with partners: detective agencies, private detectives, experts, and other specialists.


Purpose of legal investigations:


  • Evidence Collection: Lawyers specialize in collecting and preserving evidence that can be used in court (witness statements, documents, photographs, and physical evidence), search for witnesses and verification of alibis, independent expertise.
  • Fact Verification: In many legal cases, it is essential to verify the accuracy of statements and claims made by the parties involved and information.
  • Witnesses and Testimonials: Specialists play a crucial role in identifying and interviewing witnesses and potential witnesses. They gather testimony that can be used to support a client's case or challenge the opposing side's arguments.
  • Due Diligence: In matters such as business transactions, legal lawyers conduct due diligence to assess the background, reputation, and financial stability of individuals and companies. This helps clients make informed decisions and minimize risks. Company and counterparty verification, information search and analysis, legal expertise of firm contracts and other documents, transaction security.
  • Collection of an information dossier: information about lifestyle, identifying a person's contacts, determining their place of residence and employment, checking a person for criminal records and travel restrictions, searching for information about individuals in databases, verifying personal documents.
  • Search for the property and assets of a debtor or counterparty (real estate, automobiles, businesses, and other assets).
  • Search for people, search for debtors and scammers.


These services help ensure a fair and just legal process while upholding ethical standards and principles.