Debt сollection in Ukraine

Extrajudicial and judicial collection of debts in Ukraine from companies and citizens. Legal services for professional collection of debts and debts under contracts and obligations. Services of a lawyer for debts in Ukraine and settlement of debt obligations.

Debt and debt collection lawyer, debt collection in Ukraine

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Debt collection lawyer in Ukraine has experience in collecting debts under contracts, unpaid loan obligations from citizens and firms in the interests of creditors and citizens in Ukraine, and debt collection abroad.


Pre-trial and judicial debt collection in Ukraine:



Debt collection lawyer services in Ukraine are a set of methods of legal influence on debtors, the result of which is debt collection and debt repayment.


Debt collection services - Debt collection in Ukraine:


  • Legal advice from a lawyer on debt collection, legal analysis of debt documents, preparation of an action plan and debt collection scheme;
  • Collection and preparation of documents to start the debt collection process;
  • Debt collection without trial and voluntary settlement of debt obligations;
  • Debt collection in court (judicial collection of debts through the court);
  • Seizure of the debtor's property, real estate, cars, and bank accounts;
  • ban on the debtor's travel abroad;
  • Search for the debtor's property and the assets of firms;
  • Services of a private contractor to collect debts;
  • Support of enforcement proceedings (control of enforcement proceedings);
  • Debt collection by the decision of the International Commercial Arbitration;
  • Debt collection by decision of a foreign court;
  • Debt collection abroad.


For many years we have been providing debt collection services and use developed technologies and experience in collecting various debts for this. We begin legal work on debt collection by opening a personal file on the debtor. Then our debt lawyers analyze all information about the debtor and the cause of the debt. Our debt collection specialists will choose the right way of communicating with debtors, taking into account various factors for the settlement of the case out of court and in the process of enforcement proceedings. For legal work with debtors, we involve our other specialists, a criminal lawyer, a loan lawyer, and a real estate lawyer.


We bring the work of collecting to its logical conclusion - debt collection. Independent debt collection is a big cost. Our qualified employees have specialized knowledge, practical experience, and special debt collection schemes. For effective debt collection, our lawyers use the lawful government mechanism to enforce debt obligations. In the process of collecting contracts, we cooperate with state authorities and use the current legislation.


The law firm works on debt collection for commercial banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, trade companies, leasing companies, factoring companies, municipal companies, consumer loans, car loans, real estate mortgages, and contracts for the supply and sale of products. Our legal activity is carried by the norms of the law. We conduct a legal analysis of the occurrence of debt obligations, financial examination of debt documents, and prepare and implement the optimal legal options for settling debt obligations. We also help companies and citizens who have unpaid payments and debtors.


Our advantages in debt collection in Ukraine: greater efficiency of debt collection specialists, saving the customer's time in the debt collection process, reducing financial risks, reducing the customer's image risks that are associated with the debt collection process, effective debt collection before the court, reducing the time for repayment of debts, individual and a professional approach to debt collection.