Dispute resolution and mediation, settlement of conflict situations without trial, services of a mediator in case of disputes and conflicts.

Conflict resolution without trial, mediation and out-of-court conflict resolution

Mediation in legal practice is a technology for the settlement of disputes involving a third party, which is called a mediator, without going to court. The mediator is a authoritative organization that is neutral to the participants in the conflict.


Mediation is an alternative to litigation. Mediation service The current legal service and demand for this service is constantly growing. Participants in conflicts are often interested in an operative, fair, profitable and confidential settlement of legal probes. Unlike mediation, disputes in court are not very effective: they take a lot of energy, time, money, lead to conflict with partners and image risks. It is difficult for the participants in the conflict to start negotiations on their own. In this regard, the parties to the conflict need mediator services


A law firm often acts as a mediator in solving civil, family and business disputes. We ensure the confidentiality of the parties, the equality of the parties, take a neutral and impartial position. In order to reach a prompt and beneficial agreement for the parties to the conflict, our lawyers conduct all the preparatory work: legal advice of a lawyer in a convenient place and at a convenient time for clients; discussion and preparation of preliminary versions of the agreement on disputable issues between the parties to the conflict.


In the process of mediation, the lawyers of the legal company observe all the basic principles of mediation: the voluntariness of the parties, equality of parties, the confidentiality of the parties in mediation, honesty, decency, independence and impartiality of the mediator.


Lawyers of the law firm have good recommendations from clients and are good experts in settling various legal conflicts in the economy (commercial conflicts, corporate conflicts, conflicts with banks, disputes with insurance companies, disputes over intellectual property and other issues), as well as civil disputes (divorce, division of property, adoption of the child, rights to the child and others). Our company's lawyers who deal with mediation speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish, German, French, Italian, Turkish and other foreign languages. Our mediators constantly improve their experience and are trained. We are ready to provide our clients with a whole range of services in the field of mediation on a professional level.