Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine for a foreigner, registration of a temporary residence permit and preparation of documents.

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

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A temporary residence permit is a document that certifies the identity of a foreign citizen or stateless person and confirms the right of a foreigner to temporarily reside in Ukraine. A foreigner does not have the right to stay in Ukraine for 3 months without a permit (you can extend your stay in Ukraine for 3 months). According to Ukrainian legislation, persons who do not have Ukrainian citizenship cannot stay in Ukraine for more than 180 days a year. To stay in Ukraine for a long time, you need to get a residence permit in Ukraine.


Registration of Temporary residence permit in Ukraine:



Services for obtaining a Temporary residence permit:


  • Legal advice on obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine (the process of obtaining a temporary residence permit, preparation of documents and obtaining a certificate for temporary residence in Ukraine, a permit for immigration to Ukraine, the procedure for processing documents for obtaining a visa to Ukraine);
  • Obtaining a visa for permanent residence за рубежом;
  • Registration of a temporary residence permit - temporary residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners;
  • Replacement of a residence permit (replacement of a residence permit form in case of loss and damage to a document);
  • Registration of a foreigner's place of residence in Ukraine (registration for a foreigner);
  • Registration of a work permit in Ukraine;
  • Registration of a Ukrainian tax number for a foreigner - TIN;
  • Registration of a certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine;
  • Registration of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Registration of citizenship of Ukraine;
  • Confirmation of the child's citizenship;
  • Preparation of documents for immigration abroad for permanent residence from Ukraine;
  • Obtaining documents from the registry office;
  • Urgent registration of marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine, support, and preparation of documents for registration of marriage;
  • Registration of a company in Ukraine for a foreigner, support of investments in the Ukrainian economy;
  • Apostille and consular legalization of documents;
  • Services of a translation agency in Ukraine for the translation of more than 30 foreign languages, certification of the translation of documents by a notary;
  • Immigration abroad through the purchase of the real estate, business registration, investments, and more.
The grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine are foreigners who come to Ukraine for the following purposes: work, family reunification (the second spouse is a citizen of Ukraine, and the second spouse has a residence permit in Ukraine), according to international technical assistance projects, to work in religious organizations, to work in the offices of foreign companies and organizations, culture, science, correspondents and journalists of foreign media, foreigners to study in Ukraine.
A temporary residence permit of a foreigner in Ukraine may be canceled if there are grounds for obtaining a residence permit based on false information or invalid documents, receiving an application for canceling a temporary residence permit, when a foreigner is brought to criminal responsibility in Ukraine, the actions of a foreigner threaten the national security of Ukraine when the authorized body decides on the forced deportation of a foreigner from Ukraine, and more.
Documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine: application, petition, original passport, copy of passport, notarized translation of the passport, insurance, visa for arrival in Ukraine, stamp in the passport on entry to Ukraine, receipt of payment for services.