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Tax Lawyer provides legal assistance in tax law, in matters related to taxation.


Tax law - Tax lawyer in Ukraine:



Our tax lawyers have a wide experience of work and are specialists in the field of taxes and interaction with tax authorities, and also provides legal assistance to business and citizens in disputes with the fiscal service.


Tax Lawyer Services in Ukraine


  • Legal advice on taxes, tax law, and tax legislation
  • Analysis of documents and evaluation of the prospects of a judicial administrative dispute, analysis of ways and methods of resolving a tax dispute
  • Protection and representation of interests in court and tax authorities in cases of violations in the field of finance, taxes, and fees
  • Analysis of decisions of tax authorities on the appointment of a tax audit and the imposition of administrative tax liability
  • The appeal of an act of tax audit or inaction of the tax service, filing an application or petitions with the commercial court, repealing decisions of tax authorities
  • Representation of business interests in commercial court and administrative court, arbitration
  • Appealing the amounts of taxes and actions of the tax inspection, resolving tax disputes and conflicts
  • Collection of losses from the tax service and support of enforcement proceedings
  • Development of a tax optimization scheme
  • VAT refund, income tax
  • Consideration of customs disputes
  • Lawyer defense in criminal cases for tax crimes and others.


The specialization of a tax attorney is professional legal support in tax law and administrative law, appealing against illegal decisions of tax authorities to business, counteraction to the inaction of tax authorities and their employees, repayment of overpaid taxes, disputing penalties, and others.


Tax Lawyers render legal services by the tax legislation by the legislation on taxation and the Tax Code of Ukraine.


Our Tax Lawyers will provide legal services in the field of tax legislation and will help solve tax problems in business and help reduce and minimize tax risks.