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IT law around the world is very actively developing and growing along with IT business, and information technologies and very closely interferes with intellectual property and copyright.


Legal services for IT business - IT lawyer in Ukraine:



Our law firm in the field of IT provides clients with professional legal services in the field of IT and multifaceted legal support. Our IT lawyers provide clients with qualified legal services for the protection and support in the field of intellectual property protection. IT lawyers provide legal support for contracts and transactions in the field of IT and electronic commerce, provide consulting services, conduct minimization of financial risks, and accompany investment projects in the field of IT in Ukraine and abroad in 8 countries.


Legal Services in the field of IT law - LEGALTECH:


  • Legal Advice in the field of IT law, preparation of recommendations on the organization and opening of business activities, organization of the company work, on tax optimization questions and benefits;
  • Registration of an IT Company in Ukraine and abroad (over 7 jurisdictions), registration of an IT company for foreign founders in Ukraine, registration of an IT business abroad in other countries with tax benefits, proper preparation of documents for registration and opening of a company, registration of nominee services and accounts, registration of an offshore company abroad;
  • Construction of an IT Company Structure, the professional legal organization of the company's business processes, distribution of responsibilities, regulation of relations between company owners, investors, partners, contractors, owners of IT products, development of memoranda, corporate contracts, and agreements;
  • Development of Contracts in the field of IT, contracts for the development of software, Internet sites, SEO-optimization and website promotion, for Saas services, license agreements, joint software development contracts, services provision, contracts with developers, Digital contracts, service contracts, contracts for software and software supply, trade secrets and non-disclosure of confidential information, contracts for the alienation of graphic design and transfer of source codes, Debag agreement, information security contracts, contracts on frontend and backend, and other contracts;
  • Protection of Intellectual Property for companies and citizens, legally correct registration of intellectual property rights and rights for software, trademark registration, legal protection against copyright infringement, valuation of intellectual property assets, international registration of intellectual property, development of licensing agreements, legal protection of copyrights to a computer program, graphic design, functionality and more;
  • Protection of Rights to a Domain Name, support of transactions for the sale of a domain, brand, legal protection of a domain name, protection of a domain name (domain law);
  • E-business, legal accompaniment in the field of trading via the Internet, regulation of electronic information exchange, online trading on sites, electronic money and banking, the conclusion of contracts in electronic form, electronic digital signatures, optimization of electronic financial transactions on trading sites, gaming platforms and in online stores, legal accompaniment for contracts with banks and payment systems;
  • a Public Offer and the development of legal documents for the site, development of a public offer agreement for placement on the Internet resource for concluding with the user about the conditions for the services provision and the site;
  • Tax and Financial Consulting, management planning of income and expense, tax optimization and choosing the appropriate tax regime, reducing the tax burden, corporate taxes, VAT, royalties, dividends, analysis and forecasting of investment risks, financial analysis of operations, currency control and regulation, audit, tax and financial reporting, preparation of primary accounting and personnel documents, submission of reports to tax authorities and regulatory authorities, development of instructions, internal company and personnel documents, regulations, labor contracts, orders, staffing, and other documents;
  • GAMEDEV right, legal accompaniment, and representation and protection of interests in front of the Google Play, App Store platforms, licenses for gaming products;
  • Subscriber Legal Representation and Accompaniment of IT-business, services of a criminal lawyer, disputes resolution, representation before regulatory authorities, the appeal of illegal decisions and actions of state bodies, claims work, representation and protection of interests in court, commercial disputes and arbitration, restoration of rights, support and control enforcement of judgments, mediation, arbitration, international commercial arbitration, denial of inaccurate information, media law, advertising, tax disputes and more.


IT Attorneys of the law firm provides legal protection of interests in the field of IT in court, prosecutor's office, police, tax, and fiscal service, and other state and regulatory bodies. Our experts assist in attracting financial investments for the implementation of IT projects and accompaniment in the sale of intellectual property rights and accounting services for the IT business, and full support and processing of visas for immigration abrod.