Inheritance in Ukraine

Inheritance law and inheritance in Ukraine. Lawyer on inheritance law in Ukraine for citizens and foreigners. Legal support of the process of registration of inheritance for real estate, property, business assets and other objects of inheritance rights.

Lawyer for inheritance and inheritance law, inheritance in Ukraine

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The law company provides legal services in the field of inheritance law and rights, services for processing inheritance in Ukraine for citizens and foreigners. Inheritance can be registered by heirs for whom a notarial will has been prepared or legal heirs.


Lawyer in inheritance law - Inheritance in Ukraine:


Real estate, apartments, houses, land, cars, businesses, securities, and other assets can be transferred to the heir.

Legal services for inheritance - Inheritance in Ukraine:


  • Consultation on inheritance (consultation on inheritance law, necessary documents for inherited property and processing, procedures for inheriting rights, how to renounce inheritance, taxes, processing fees, and more).
  • Processing of inheritance property rights.
  • Inheritance for foreigners.
  • Notary services for inheritance (the notary will provide the necessary legal processing and determine shares).
  • Property valuation services, issuance of new technical passports.
  • Verification and collection of documents for real estate and movable property, restoration of documents from the Registry Office.
  • Document translation with notarization for processing.
  • Obtaining documents on kinship, establishing the fact of kinship through the court, obtaining documents abroad.
  • Inheritance through the court.
  • Sale of inherited real estate and property.


Inheritance is obtained through a will if it is made in favor of one or several heirs. If there is no will or if it was made for a portion of the property, then heirs receive the inheritance by law, without a will. Often, the right to inheritance is disputed by relatives in courts, and in such cases, the assistance of an inheritance lawyer is necessary. Inheritance rights after death are processed based on the deceased's place of residence or the location of the main part of the inherited real estate. The rights to inherited property can be processed within six months from the date of death. During this time, all individuals claiming ownership must submit an application to a state or private notary, process the documents, and obtain a Certificate of Inheritance. Otherwise, it will be necessary to seek the help of a lawyer specializing in inheritance disputes to restore the deadlines for accepting the inheritance. We offer reasonable prices for inheritance cases. Inheritance professionals are fluent in foreign languages, and it will not be difficult for us to properly process inheritance for foreign clients or register property rights to inheritance in another country.


The main types and objects of property subject to inheritance are: real estate (inheritance of apartments or properties, inheritance of houses, land plots, shares, unauthorized constructions), vehicles, inheritance of businesses, copyrights, bank deposits, and stocks.


To ensure a comfortable inheritance process, we provide notary services and the assistance of a lawyer who will always consult and advise you in any, even the most complex situations. Inheritance specialists will prepare and verify all documents, help restore lost documents, and resolve problems that arise when heirs must prove their relationship with the deceased due to errors in names or surnames (establishing a legal fact). The heir will obtain ownership, and the sale of the processed inherited property can be carried out. Lawyers specializing in inheritance cases will provide you with qualified assistance in the re-registration of businesses, bank accounts, and stocks.