Lawyer in the UK

British lawyer in the UK, services for companies, citizens, foreigners, and foreign businesses, law firm in the UK, legal services for companies in the UK and legal support for businesses, defense and representation in court for individuals and companies, legal defense in the UK.

Lawyer in Great Britain, defense, law firm in the UK


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Lawyers in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland provide legal assistance and services to clients in many cities: London, Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Wales.

Legal services and lawyer in the UK:

  • Company formation
  • Company support
  • Taxation
  • Commercial disputes
  • Insurance law
  • Debt collection
  • International arbitration
  • Intellectual property


The company's clients are British citizens, foreigners, companies, and foreign businesses.


Services of a law firm in the UK:


  • Legal advice on British law, services of a lawyer in the UK, protection of interests in court and other bodies: civil law, inheritance law, insurance law, commercial law, tax law, family law, corporate law, administrative law, real estate, contracts; services of lawyers for foreigners;
  • Family lawyer in the UK: marriage contracts, division of property, divorce (divorce from a foreigner), international divorce in the UK, paternity and adoption; insurance lawyer, disputes with insurance companies under insurance contracts;
  • Lawyer for real estate transactions in the UK (residential and commercial real estate): legal support for transactions for the sale and purchase of real estate for businesses and citizens, analysis and calculation of profitability and costs of real estate investments, purchase of the real estate by foreign clients;
  • Inheritance in the UK, registration: lawyer in inheritance law, inheritance on real estate, shares, business, car, bank account, support of inheritance disputes in court, inheritance for foreigners;
  • Registration of a business in the UK and commercial law: preparation of documents for registration, selection of a company type, organization of operations, opening a branch, consulting and optimization, tax law, registration of companies for foreign founders, and assistance in preparing documents. Registration of UK Ltd., preparation of corporate documents, legal address for registration, lease agreements and opening an account in payment systems or a bank, accounting support for financial reports; search for objects for purchase and investment, business valuation, Due Diligence, support of negotiations with business owners, support of business purchase;
  • Legal services for companies in the UK: business services, contracts, negotiations; industrial and intellectual property, registration and protection; investments, analysis of the investment project, support of investments and transactions;
  • Debt collection in the UK and arbitration: debt collection in court, international commercial arbitration.


Services under British law are provided by specialists in Russian and English. English lawyers provide clients with a wide range of legal, consulting, and other services, including qualified support for commercial projects.