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Services of a law firm and a lawyer in Uzhgorod provide professional legal services for the legal protection and support of citizens, foreigners and businesses

Адвокат в Ужгороде для граждан и фирм

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Lawyers of the law firm provide Ukrainian and foreign clients with legal services and the professional assistance of a lawyer in Uzhgorod.



Lawyers of our firm provide legal services for businesses, citizens, and foreigners in different legal cases in Uzhgorod, other cities of Ukraine, as well as abroad. Our lawyers and other specialists in Uzhgorod have many years of legal experience in solving various legal situations and cases of any complexity.


Legal services in Uzhgorod


  • The advice of a lawyer in Uzhgorod; legal services and assistance of a lawyer in Uzhgorod in court: representation and protection of interests in court; drawing up procedural court documents; legal investigations in the interests of citizens, and foreigners, legal services for foreigners in Uzhgorod; receipt of documents in Uzhgorod from the Registry Office (certificate and extract from the Registry Office register, archival certificate); apostille on documents and consular legalization of official documents.
  • Family lawyer in Uzhgorod and representation in family matters in court: services of a family lawyer in Uzhgorod, divorce through the court (divorce from a foreigner), international divorce, division of property of former spouses, the establishment of paternity through the court;
  • Lawyer for real estate transactions in Uzhgorod: legal support of the sale and purchase of the real estate, services of a lawyer for the real estate in Uzhgorod, assistance in the purchase of the real estate by a foreigner, and the preparation of documents; lawyer’s legal support for the purchase of real estate abroad;
  • Registration of inheritance in Uzhgorod for real estate, business, bank account, land share for citizens and foreigners, a lawyer for inheritance law in Uzhgorod, registration of inheritance by will and by law, restoration of the term for acceptance of inheritance, and registration of inheritance through the court; lawyer's services for registration of inheritance abroad;
  • Lawyer for debt collection in Uzhgorod under the contracts and other obligations: debt collection in Uzhgorod from firms, entrepreneurs, and citizens under contracts, legal support of the execution of court decisions on debt collection; execution of decisions of international commercial arbitration court; seizure of company accounts and debtor's assets; debt collection under contracts abroad.

Uzhgorod lawyer

Uzhgorod lawyers provide legal services and assistance to Ukrainian and foreign clients in legal cases of different complexity in the Transcarpathian region, in other regions of Ukraine, and abroad.