Obtaining Court Documents

Services for obtaining court documents. Obtaining a court decision or court verdicts in criminal cases. Documents from courts. Court decisions of the International Commercial Arbitration Court. Access to court documents and the process of retrieving documents.

Court decisions, court verdicts, Services for obtaining court documents from courts

In the realm of legal proceedings, access to court documents is essential for a variety of reasons. Whether it's for legal research, evidence collection, or simply understanding the outcome of a case, obtaining court documents such as decisions, verdicts, and other related records is crucial. This is where specialized services for obtaining court documents come into play, providing invaluable assistance in accessing the information needed.

Documents from courts - Obtaining Court Documents:


We offer services for obtaining court documents from courts based on a power of attorney (without personal presence) or upon the request of an attorney for obtaining judicial documents.


We obtain court documents (court decisions, verdicts):


  • Court Decisions (family disputes and divorce, inheritance disputes, civil disputes and division of property, real estate disputes, insurance disputes, contract disputes, commercial disputes, debt collection, bankruptcy, corporate disputes, tax disputes, administrative disputes, intellectual and industrial property disputes, human rights protection, and others): These documents outline the final judgment or ruling made by a judge or jury in a particular case. They often provide detailed explanations of the legal reasoning behind the decision.
  • Court Verdicts in Criminal Cases. Verdicts are specific and represent the formal decision reached by the court regarding the guilt or innocence of the defendant.
  • Court Decisions of the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) on commercial disputes between companies engaged in international economic activities under international contracts.
  • Other Documents: This category encompasses a wide range of records, including pleadings, motions, transcripts, affidavits, and more, which are filed and generated throughout the legal process.

There are specialized companies and lawyers that provide services for obtaining court documents. These specialists typically have established relationships with various courts and can expedite the process of retrieving documents on behalf of clients for a fee.

Our advantages when receiving documents from their courts:


  • Time Savings: Obtaining court documents can be a time-consuming process, particularly for individuals unfamiliar with legal procedures. Specialists will speed up the process, saving valuable time.
  • Expertise and Accuracy: Professionals have experience in obtaining court documents efficiently and accurately. They understand the nuances of legal processes and can ensure that the documents obtained are complete and accurate.
  • Convenience: For individuals who are unable to visit the court in person, document retrieval services offer a convenient solution. Clients can request documents from the comfort of their homes or offices.
  • Legal Compliance: Specialists are well-versed in legal requirements and regulations governing access to court documents.


Access to court documents is fundamental for a transparent and fair legal system. Whether it's for legal professionals conducting research or individuals seeking information on a specific case, obtaining court documents plays a vital role in ensuring accountability and upholding the principles of justice.


After obtaining documents from the courts, we will legalize the documents, affix apostilles on the court documents, provide written legal translations, and conduct notarized translations and sworn translation of judicial documents.