Legal services for citizens and businesses

Legal Services

The law firm provides a large list of legal services, through the combination of legal experience, more than 170 law firms, more than 450 lawyers around the world who specialize in different areas of business. More than 70% of our legal partners abroad are English-speaking lawyers. The law firm is expanding the list of services provided for citizens and companies.

Services of a law firm for business and citizens

  • Services of a lawyer for business and citizens in cases of varying complexity and different categories. Legal advice, protection and representation of interests in courts and law enforcement agencies, government and local authorities, drafting legal documents for the court on-line. Immigration services abroad, choice of programs for immigration abroad, preparation of documents for immigration, registration of a residence permit, citizenship, visa.


  • Services of registration of firms, registration of companies, entrepreneurs, public organizations, foundations, representative offices of foreign companies, registration of companies with foreign founders; services of liquidation of firms and entrepreneurs, liquidation of branches of companies, liquidation of companies through re-registration of corporate rights and change of ownership; re-registration of business, change of activities, change of head and legal address of companies, transfer of firms to another area, change of founders, keeping documents with a lawyer, economic, corporate, customs, administrative and tax disputes.


  • Legal business support services for foreign clients, consulting services for firms, legal support of companies in the business process. Debt collection services, debt collection from enterprises, problem debt collection, debtor tracing and asset tracing. Services in intellectual property, protection of intellectual property, support of licensing agreements, registration of trade marks.


  • Inheritance registration services, inheritance lawyer services. Legal support for legalization of inheritance, preparation of documents, restoration of terms for registration of inheritance, deprivation of inheritance, establishment of legal facts, recognition of ownership of inheritance in court.


  • Legal services in real estate: legal support of real estate transactions, housing law, eviction from real estate through court and cancellation of registration of residence, division of real estate, recognition of ownership, registration of ownership; notary services, certification of documents, agreements, powers of attorney, statements. Real estate agency services for the purchase and sale of commercial and residential real estate.


  • Translation agency services, translation of texts in foreign languages, translation of more than 40 foreign languages, technical translation, legal translation, economic translation and other types of translation; apostille and legalization of documents, legalization in embassies and consulates, apostille stamp, certification of documents, official translation of documents with notarization of the translation. Services for obtaining documents from registration authorities, archives, educational documents, certificates of no criminal record, court documents and other documents.
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