Legal Services in Ukraine

Legal Services in Ukraine

Law Firm Rubicon provides a wide range of legal services in Ukraine, legal services in all regions of Ukraine and in more than 10 countries abroad, thanks to the combined efforts of more than 100 legal companies around the world, specializing in different areas of business. Legal company is constantly expanding its list of legal services provided to citizens and legal entities.

Attorneys in Ukraine and abroad for disputes resolution of various categories and complexity in Ukraine. Legal consulting, protection and representation of interests in courts and law enforcement agencies, public authorities and local governments for cases in various areas and level of complexity in Ukraine.

Registration of companies, entrepreneurs, public organizations, funds, representatives of international companies, registration of companies with foreign incorporators. Liquidation of Companies and entrepreneurs in Ukraine and abroad, closing branches, companies on regular and urgent basis, liquidation of companies via corporate renewal rights through a change of ownership. Assistance with immigration to Ukraine in Ukraine and abroad, obtaining temporary or permanent residence permit, receiving a citizenship of Ukraine.

Lawyer in Inheritance Law, Registration of Inheritances. Legal consulting during the process of obtaining the inheritance, documents preparation, renewing the term for acceptance of an inheritance, removal from inheritance, legal facts determining, declaration of proprietary rights to inheritance in court.

Legal Assistance during real estate deals, disputes on housing law, eviction and removal of registration in court, separation of real estate, declaration of ownership rights, registration of ownership rights, legalizing the unwarranted construction. Notary Services, certification of documents, deals, marriage contracts, power of attorney, declarations.

Registration of business change of type of activities, change of heads and legal addresses of companies, transferring firms to another area, change of the incorporators, safe-keeping of documents by the lawyer, commercial, corporate, custom, administrative and tax disputes.

Translation of texts to/from foreign languages, translation of texts in different areas, translating from more than 50 foreign languages, technical translation, legal, economic and other types of translation. Apostille and Legalization of documents in Ukraine and abroad, legalization in embassies and consulates, putting an “apostille” stamp, certification of documents, official translation of documents with notary certification of translation. Reclamation of Documents in Ukraine and abroad. Requesting Documents from bodies of State Registration of Civil Status Acts, archives, educational documents, certificates and police clearance certificates, court documents and other documents.

Search for debtors and their assets, collection of accounts receivable from companies, bad debt settlement.

Copyright, intellectual property, protection of intellectual property, support of licensing agreements, registration of trade marks and signs.

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