Labor law

Labor law and labor disputes, legal protection of rights representation of interests in court

A labor dispute lawyer provides legal services in cases related to legal relations in the field of labor, legal support in negotiations with the employer, and protection of the rights and interests of the client.

Labor disputes, labor law


Labor disputes: illegal dismissal, reinstatement; a collection of debts on wages and payments; appeal against transfer to another position or job; material liability of the employee; disciplinary action; compensation for monetary damage; recovery of compensation for unused vacation; appealing against layoffs; appeal against refusal to hire.

Labor law services:


  • legal advice on labor law;
  • settlement of labor conflicts, collective and individual disputes, claims, and negotiations;
  • development of legal documents, applications to the court, complaints, applications, petitions, and procedural documents;
  • representation and defense in labor disputes in court;
  • preparation of individual agreements and contracts with the employee;
  • development of documentation for companies on the organization of labor and regulations.


When providing services in these cases, we involve other specialists: a criminal lawyer, a debt collection lawyer, and an administrative lawyer.


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