Medical law

Medical law, legislation on health care, protection of the rights of patients, medical workers, compensation for harm to health.

Medical lawyer and medical law

The law firm provides clients with legal services in medical law, legal support, and protection of interests, representation in court and other bodies, and representation before companies and citizens on cases of medical law.

Medical law and pharmacology


Specialized medical lawyers have extensive legal experience in medical law and the protection of the rights and interests of patients, doctors, and clinics.


Services of a lawyer in medical law:


  • legal advice on medical law;
  • legal analysis and preparation of contracts for medical services, international contacts, and other legal documents;
  • legal support and representation of interests of clinics and pharmaceutical companies;
  • legal services in cases of reproductive technologies;
  • legal support of surrogate motherhood;
  • compensation for medical error, compensation for the cost of treatment;
  • legal disputes with insurance companies on cases of insurance compensation;
  • protection of the interests of patients in courts and public authorities;
  • conflict resolution.