IT law

Legal services in the field of information technology and IT law. Legal support for IT business companies and companies in the field of information technology. Legal support for projects and developments in the IT field.

Lawyer in the field of IT business, IT law and technology

The IT business (information business) is actively developing and growing around the world at a very fast movement. Doing business in the field of information technology is directly related to such legal areas of business as IT law (information law), copyright, and industrial property.


Legal services in the field of information technology - IT law:



The law firm in the field of IT provides legal services for the information business in the field of IT technologies and provides legal support for existing IT projects and projects at the development stage for clients from different countries. Lawyers and legalists in the field of IT provide clients with professional legal services in IT law, support of contracts and transactions, e-commerce, provide consulting services for IT, and carry out legal support of investment projects. 


IT law lawyer services and support:


  • Legal consulting for IT, development of recommendations for the organization and conduct of IT business, tax optimization of information business and the choice of the tax regime, taxes, royalties, dividends, analysis of investment risks, audit, development of organizational documents;
  • Registration of IT business: preparation of registration and constituent documents, registration of a company in offshore, structuring of IT business, development of memorandums, contracts, and agreements; obtaining a residence permit for foreign specialists;
  • Legal support for IT companies: services of a lawyer and a legalist, dispute resolution, claims settlement, and representation in court, restoration of rights, commercial disputes, and international commercial arbitration, media law and advertising, tax disputes; agreements for IT for software development, sites, SEO and promotion, design services, SaaS services, licensing agreements, agreements with developers, Digital contracts, agreements on trade secrets, nondisclosure of information and information security, contracts for the transfer of source code, Debag agreement, frontend, and backend contracts; public offer and development of documents for the site; GAMEDEV right and licenses for gaming products; legal support for e-business and online trade support, support for contracts with banks and payment systems; financial investments for IT projects;
  • Protection of intellectual and industrial property, registration of rights to intellectual property and software, trademarks, preparation of license agreements; protection of rights to a domain name (domain right).