Customs law

Customs and customs law. Customs lawyer. Customs disputes in court in the field of foreign trade activities, violation of customs rules and appeals against customs duties and fines.

Customs law and disputes, customs lawyer

We provide legal support for foreign economic activities of business and legal services for the resolution of customs disputes.

Customs disputes in court - Customs lawyer:



Our lawyers in customs law provide legal services to firms and citizens on customs law when transporting goods through the customs territory of Ukraine, and on legal cases on fines and sanctions.


Services on customs legislation - Customs lawyer:


  • legal advice on customs law;
  • legal support of foreign economic activity of business;
  • legal analysis of documents (contracts, customs declaration, commercial and other documents);
  • development of legal customs schemes in the conduct of foreign economic activity;
  • representation of administrative interests in court before customs authorities when considering customs disputes, and in international commercial arbitration;
  • appeal against illegal actions of customs authorities and illegal claims for payment of customs payments;
  • appeal against decisions of the customs authority on the customs value of the goods;
  • support in legal cases on the return of customs payments and duties;
  • development of draft agreements, foreign economic contracts;
  • legal assessment of the legality of actions and legal acts of customs authorities and officials;
  • legal advice on currency regulation;
  • collection of information and evidence on a customs dispute;
  • tax customs disputes, offset and refund of paid customs payments;
  • identification of customs risks when exporting and importing goods;
  • assistance in the preparation of documents for the clearance of goods in the customs authorities;
  • customs broker services and storage of goods in a customs warehouse;
  • translation of documents in a translation agency;
  • defense by a lawyer in criminal cases on violation of customs legislation and defense in the investigation of smuggling cases.


Customs disputes are a complex area of ​​legal practice. These legal cases require a professional customs and tax lawyer. A customs lawyer provides legal assistance, protection and representation of interests in court, law enforcement agencies, customs authorities, appeals against illegal actions and legal acts of customs officials, provides legal assistance on customs payments and refunds of customs payments, draws up customs documents for the client organs. Disputes with customs often arise in the conduct of business by firms that carry out export and import operations and can lead to large financial losses. Legal assistance of a customs lawyer will maximally protect the interests of the company and minimize financial risks.


The purpose of legal services under customs legislation is professional legal support and assistance, minimization of tax risks, legal assistance on customs cases.