Lawyer in Kiev

Lawyer in Kiev

Law Firm provides Ukrainian and foreign clients with lawyer services in Kiev, legal services for citizens and companies, and other services. Our lawyers provide consulting and legal services in most regions of Ukraine and services abroad in Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain and other countries. Do you need a lawyer in Kiev? - We provide legal services in Kiev in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, Polish and 10 more languages.

Law Firm Services in Kiev:

  • Legal Advice in Kiev for citizens and businesses;
  • Preparation of Legal Documents for court and contracts;
  • Lawyer Services in Kiev: protection of the rights and representation of interests in cour;
  • Criminal Law and protection in criminal cases: criminal lawyer in Kiev, preparation of documents, protection of rights in court, investigation, search, interrogation, suspicion, detention, measure of restraint, collection of evidence, preparation of legal defense schemes in a criminal case, lawyer investigation, support of inspections , appeal and cassation. A criminal lawyer in Kiev provides protection for criminal offenses: murder, drugs, injuries, bribe, fraud, robbery, extortion, crimes with weapons, road accidents and others;
  • Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions in Kiev, notarization of transactions with a private notary, support of transactions with residential and commercial real estate by foreigners, verification of real estate, opening of an investment account for a real estate transaction by a foreigner in a Ukrainian bank, the services of an attorney for real estate, support by an attorney when conducting transactions with real estate abroad;
  • Family Law: preparation of documents for the court, petitions, complaints and other judicial documents, representation of interests in court by a family lawyer, divorce, alimony, division of the property of spouses, property rights of spouses, residency of the child, participation in parenting, deprivation of parental rights, permission to departure of the child abroad, the establishment of paternity in court, the adoption of a child by citizens of Ukraine and international adoption;
  • Civil Law: civil disputes in court, transactions and support, indemnification, invalidity of transactions, preparation of contracts and other legal documents, representation of interests in court in civil cases, credit cases with banks, protection of consumer rights, recovery of compensation from airlines;
  • Inheritance in Kiev, registration of inheritance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners, registration of inheritance on real estate, land, business, bank account, legal counsel in inheritance cases in court, registration of inheritance under a will and by law, invalidation of a will, division of inheritance between heirs in court;
  • Insurance Law and insurance cases, disputes with insurance companies in court and the recovery of insurance lawyers for insurance disputes, disputes under insurance contracts;
  • Notary and notarial services, power of attorney for a lawyer, applications and other notarial documents, registration of real estate transactions with a notary, marriage contract;
  • Protection at the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Lawyer for Foreign Citizens in Kiev, legal assistance of a lawyer in a foreign language;

  • Registration of LLC (Limited Liability Company), entrepreneur in Kiev, registration of firms with Ukrainian and foreign founders, corporate law: registration of firms, legal support of contracts for transactions with corporate rights, opening an investment account for transactions with corporate rights and registration of firms with foreign founders in a Ukrainian bank, support of corporate disputes, registration of a foreign representative office in Ukraine and investments;
  • Sale of Firms, support of the sale of firms and corporate rights to business;
  • Commercial Law: legal support of firms, lawyer services in business cases, contracts and legal expertise of contracts, participation in negotiating and concluding contracts, representation in government and local authorities, regulatory and law enforcement agencies;
  • Administrative Law, legal support in administrative disputes in court, lawyer in administrative cases, administrative appeal and support of administrative disputes with public authorities;
  • Tax Law: tax cases, audit of company documents, support of inspections, appeal of tax notices, tax consulting and tax optimization;
  • Intellectual Property: registration of intellectual property rights, protection of intellectual property, contracts for the use of intellectual property, trademark registration, copyright and patents, royalties and compensation;
  • Debt Collection from companies and citizens, debt collection attorney, debt collection under a contract, loan agreement, support of execution of a court decision, protection of interests of a creditor and a debtor, arrest of a property of a debtor, property valuation, sale of a property of a debtor, search for property of a debtor;
  • International Commercial Arbitration: representation in arbitration, commercial disputes, enforcement of an arbitration court decision;
  • Construction and Real Estate: the introduction of real estate in operation, technical passport, registration of ownership, registration of a certificate of ownership of real estate;
  • Liquidation of LLC, bankruptcy: bankruptcy support, protection of the interests of creditors;
  • Customs Law: violation of customs legislation, appeal of acts of customs authorities, customs regime;
  • Mediation, disputes and conflicts, representation of interests at negotiations;
  • Recovery of Certificates from the registry office in Kiev and the region, apostille, legalization of documents at the consulate, preparation of documents for immigration, invitation for a foreigner, proof of citizenship of the child, immigration abroad and more.

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