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Law firm office in Lviv

The law firm provides legal services, lawyer services in Lviv for Ukrainian and foreign clients. The company's lawyers in Lviv have extensive legal experience in various categories of legal cases. Also consulting and legal services are provided by lawyers in other cities of Ukraine and abroad. Do you need a lawyer in Lviv?

Legal services in Lviv

  • legal advice of a lawyer in Lviv on the legislation of Ukraine; lawyer services in Lviv, court cases: family law, insurance law, commercial law, inheritance cases, legal proceedings in a district court in Lviv, an appeal against a court decision; legal investigation in Lviv: investigation of legal cases, verification of firms and contractors, search for property, legal verification of documents; development of legal documents for the court; obtaining documents from the registry office in Lviv (certificates), apostille and consular legalization; legal services of a lawyer for foreigners in Lviv;

Legal services for citizens in Lviv

  • Family law and family lawyer in Lviv: representation in court, divorce lawyer in Lviv - divorce in Lviv (divorce from a foreigner), division of property, deprivation of parental rights, establishment of paternity, adoption of a child;
  • Real estate lawyer in Lviv and housing law: legal support of real estate transactions in Lviv, support of transactions in the sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate, support for the purchase of real estate by a foreigner, real estate verification, opening an investment account for the purchase of real estate by a foreigner, real estate investments; civil lawyer in Lviv, civil disputes in court;
  • Registration of inheritance in Lviv for real estate for citizens and foreigners and inheritance law: services of a lawyer by inheritance in Lviv in the court of inheritance disputes, registration of inheritance by will and by law, division of inheritance through court;

Legal services for companies in Lviv

  • Registration of a company in Lviv: registration of an LLC in Lvov, registration of a representative office of a foreign company, registration of a company with foreign founders; opening an investment account for buying a business, tax law;
  • Legal services of a lawyer for business in Lviv: services of a lawyer in commercial law, representation; legal support in administrative disputes; tax law;
  • Debt collection in Lviv under contracts with firms and citizens, a debt collection lawyer in Lviv, support of enforcement proceedings, seizure of property; international commercial arbitration and commercial disputes, debt collection abroad.

Lviv lawyer

Lviv lawyers of the law firm provide professional legal services, legal support and support in the Lviv region, in Ukraine and abroad. Lawyers in Lviv provide legal support to firms and real estate objects.

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