Lawyer in Odessa

Lawyer in Odessa

In connection with the reorganization of the Law Firm, we provide legal services and lawyer services in Odessa through the legal office of a lawyer in Kharkov and the legal office of a lawyer in Kiev. Our lawyers provide legal services in English, Russian and Ukrainian. Our lawyers have legal experience more than 15 years. The Law Firm Rubicon provides clients with a full range of legal and lawyer’s services in Odessa, in most regions of Ukraine and 10 countries of the world. Need a Lawyer in Zaporozhye?

Need a lawyer in Odessa?

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Services of a Law Firm in Odessa:

  • Legal Advice of a Lawyer in Odessa
  • Lawyer in Odessa and defense in cour: corporate  law, arbitration law, administrative law, civil law, insurance law, customs law, hereditary law
  • Family Lawyer in Odessa: divorce, property division, adoption, alimony
  • Criminal Lawyer in Odessa, protection of interests in criminal cases in court, police and other authorities, attorney for road traffic accident
  • Legal Services for Foreigners in Odessa
  • Notary in Odessa (statement, power of attorney, transaction)
  • Inheritance in Odessa. Registration of Inheritance, Inheritance law
  • Support of the real estate transactions in Odessa: termination of contracts, transactions with residential and commercial real estate
  • Registration of a firm in Odessa, legal support of business
  • Registration and protection of Intellectual Property in Odessa. Copyright
  • Liquidation of firms
  • Collection of debts in Odessa
  • Translation Agency in Odessa (translation of documents), request for duplicate documents (certificate), apostille
  • Immigration services in Odessa, residence permit and citizenship and other services.

Legal protection and assistance of a lawyer in Odessa. We need legal services in Odessa? – Call now!

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