Lawyer in Italy for business and citizens

Lawyer in Italy

A Law Firm in Italy provides legal services, legal advice and assistance to citizens and businesses. We help Italian and foreign clients in many regions of Italy. Our Italian lawyers provide legal assistance to clients in Italian, Russian and English. 

The experience of our professional lawyers and other professionals in Italy guarantees our clients qualified, professional and timely legal assistance. Experienced Italian law firm lawyers provide legal assistance in many legal cases to companies and citizens.


  • Legal advice in Italy
  • Protection in court in Italy
  • Legal support of companies in Italy
  • Commercial Law in Italy
  • Taxation in Italy
  • Insurance law in Italiy
  • Registration of companies in Italy
  • Liquidation of companies in Italy
  • Real estate lawyer in Italy
  • Debt collection in Italy


  • Legal advice on Italian law
  • Defense in court in Italy
  • Lawyer for foreigners
  • Family Law in Italy
  • Inheritance law in Italy
  • Criminal law in Italy
  • Division of property in Italy
  • Real estate attorney in Italy
  • Debt lawyer in Italy
  • Insurance disputes in Italy


  • Obtaining documents in Italy
  • Apostille in Italy


The qualifications of our lawyers in Italy allow us to provide legal services to Italian and foreign clients. A law firm in Italy provides specialist advice to individuals and businesses in Italy.


Legal Services in Italy:


  • Legal Advice of a lawyer in Italy for citizens and business; preparation of documents for the court; services of an Italian lawyer under Italian law, legal assistance in court and police, protection of interests; legal services for Italian and foreign citizens in Italy;
  • Criminal Lawyer in Italy, Italian criminal law - services of a criminal lawyer in Italy: criminal defense in court, police, prosecutors (criminal proceedings, investigation, search, interrogation, detention, arrest, collection of evidence), preparation of documents on criminal case; auto accident lawyer in Italy, damages; insurance lawyer in Italy - an insurance lawyer in Italy, insurance disputes and compensation;
  • Family Lawyer in Italy, Italian family law - family lawyer services in Italy: preparation of court documents and representation in a family court: divorce, division of property, deprivation of parental rights, paternity and adoption; Civil Law in Italy and the resolution of civil disputes;
  • Real estate attorney in Italy: legal support by an attorney for real estate and land transactions in Italy, drafting and evaluating lease agreements, assistance in the sale of real estate (residential and commercial real estate), land cadastre and mortgage, assistance to foreign clients in the purchase and sale of prestigious real estate in Italy, registration of real estate transactions, investments in commercial real estate;
  • Inheritance in Italy, registration of an inheritance in Italy (real estate, land, business, cash), testament, registration of an inheritance for foreigners in Italy, services of a lawyer for inheritance in Italy, division of inheritance;

  • Law on Companies in Italy: legal support in opening, buying and selling a business, registering a company in Italy, registering companies for foreign clients, corporate disputes, registering an office for a foreign company in Italy; company closure in Italy, liquidation of companies and bankruptcy;
  • Legal Support of Companies in Italy: support of commercial business activities, tax optimization, contracts, development of documents, services for foreign companies, investments, tax advice, commercial disputes, negotiation support, tax law, tax consulting, tax optimization;
  • Debt Collection in Italy: debt collection from companies and citizens, forced debt collection, repayment of movable property and real estate, legal assistance to participate in real estate auctions, representing the interests of the debtor and creditor; international commercial arbitration in Italy, commercial disputes, mediation and representation in negotiations; mediation, and pre-trial dispute resolution;
  • Intellectual and industrial property in Italy: representation, registration and protection of trademarks and patents, contracts in the field of industrial and intellectual property, compensation and royalties;
  • Immigration Law in Italy: immigration lawyer in Italy, assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Italy, an application for Italian citizenship and for social security benefits;
  • Translation services in Italy for congresses, meetings, international summits, business negotiations and business trips; foreign Language translation agency in Italy, written translation of documents, certification of document translations (personal documents, certificates, certificates, education documents);obtaining documents in Italy; Apostille on documents in Italy.
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