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Legal assistance a family law lawyer in Italy is one of the priority areas for the provision of services by our Italian lawyers. Legal assistance and support in family cases in Italy is needed in material and personal disputes between spouses and when it is necessary to settle legal relations through contracts.


Family Law in Italy - Family Lawyer in Italy:



Family Lawyers in Italy provide legal assistance in many Italian cities for Italian and foreign clients.


Services of a family lawyer in Italy: legal advice of a family lawyer in Italy, divorce in Italy, divorce through the court in Italy, dissolution of marriage with a foreigner, international divorce;determination of a strategy for resolving family disputes; support of marriage registration, collection and preparation of documents for marriage registration; marriage contract and other agreements; representation of interests before third parties, a notary, other bodies; representation by a lawyer in family disputes in an Italian court, conducting family cases in court; division of marital property in Italy; international protection in family disputes; settlement of family disputes.


Italian family law lawyers provide legal assistance in family disputes with a foreign element (the spouses have different citizenship or live in different countries, the common property acquired in marriage is located in different countries; the barracks are concluded in one country and then the spouses moved to another country).