Criminal lawyer in Italy

Italian criminal law and criminal lawyer in Italy for citizens and foreigners, criminal defense

The criminal law of Italy regulates relations in society related to the commission of criminal offenses, criminal punishment for the commission of a criminal offense, exemption from criminal liability for a committed criminal act.


Criminal lawyer in Italy for criminal cases


Criminal defense in Italy is a complex area of ​​legal services. A criminal lawyer in Italy, in order to effectively legally protect a client, must apply the methods of protection provided for by Italian law, correctly develop tactics for conducting a defense in a criminal case and effectively implement it in the interests of the client. Criminal defense services for committed crimes are provided by experienced criminal lawyers in different cities of Italy.


Services of a criminal lawyer in Italy: professional consultation of a criminal lawyer in Italy on a criminal case, studying the materials on a criminal case, agreeing on a legal position, developing a defense strategy in a criminal case; services of a criminal lawyer in Italy, conducting cases in the investigating authorities and courts, participating in court hearings; appeal, collection of evidence and preparation of documents, protection during detention; legal assistance to participants in criminal proceedings; representation before state bodies; negotiations and settlement.


A lawyer in a criminal case in Italy is needed at an early stage of criminal proceedings, for maximum and competent assistance to a client in a criminal case. Specialization of lawyers in criminal cases in Italy: crimes against life and health; crimes in the field of personal data and computer information; crimes against honor and dignity; crimes against the family; crimes against property; crimes in the field of intellectual and industrial property; economic and tax crimes; labor crimes; crimes in the field of migration; crimes in the field of public safety; crimes related to falsification of documents; crimes against personal and political rights and freedoms; crimes against public order.