Intellectual property in Italy

Copyright in Italy, industrial and intellectual property in Italy, registration and legal protection

Legal services for intellectual and industrial property in Italy and professional legal protection of intellectual property objects are carried out by experienced Italian lawyers.


Intellectual property in Italy, registration and protection


Lawyers provide legal support, legal protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, international protection under contracts and international conventions in many Italian cities for clients from Italy and foreign clients.


Intellectual and industrial property services in Italy: legal advice of an intellectual property lawyer in Italy; support of registration of rights; transfer of exclusive rights; preparation, verification and analysis of documents, support of license agreements, concession and franchising agreements; support of cases in court and international arbitrations; support of negotiations and settlement of disputes, representation before third parties; compensation for damages for violation of rights, collection of debts and money amounts under contracts (royalties, compensations); international protection of intellectual and industrial property, legal protection abroad; appeal of rights to objects of intellectual and industrial property.


Objects of intellectual property in Italy: objects of copyright; objects of related rights; objects of industrial property.