Debt collection in Italy

Debt lawyer in Italy, legal debt collection in Italy from companies and citizens under contracts

Debt collection company lawyers provide legal debt collection services in Italy, help solve problematic debt situations through negotiations and in the process of debt collection through the courts.


Debt collection in Italy under contracts


Italian debt lawyers will prepare schemes and strategies for settling and collecting debts from debtors, conduct a legal analysis of contracts and the debtor. Debt collection services are provided in many Italian cities.


Services of a debt collection lawyer in Italy: legal advice on debts in Italy, preparation of a legal position on working with debts and development of a collection strategy; analysis of the occurrence of debt and options for closing debt, legal analysis of documents; collection of documents and evidence, development of schemes and options for collecting and settling debts; preparation of legal documents on debts; collection of information for legal work with debtors; legal work on debt collection (claim against the debtor with the requirement to pay the debt, negotiations on the voluntary payment of the debt); debt collection without going to court; representation of the interests of creditors before third parties and public authorities for debt collection; representation in debt collection through the court in Italy: support of debt disputes in court, forced collection of debt by court decision, recovery of expenses, damages and lost profits from the debtor; appeal against a court decision on debt collection; debt collection under contracts, international commercial arbitration; support of bankruptcy proceedings of the debtor.