Legal support of companies in Italy

Professional legal support of companies in Italy, legal services for businesses in Italy, legal support for companies in Italy and business activities of firms

Business support lawyers in Italy provide legal services in support of companies in Italy for clients from Italy and foreign companies in various legal cases in Italian cities.


Legal support of companies in Italy and business


Legal services for firms in Italy are provided by professional Italian lawyers and lawyers who specialize in Italian law.


Legal support services for firms in Italy: professional legal advice for businesses in Italy, investments, company registrations, international business activities; contracts and legal expertise of legal documents, support of contracts between business entities, the state and public legal entities; tax consulting; support of cases on bankruptcy of companies; commercial disputes between companies; debt collection under commercial contracts and international commercial arbitrations; legal support of transactions with commercial real estate; legal support of international contracts (purchase and sale, supply, distribution, insurance, transportation, concession); protection of interests in court and before administrative bodies.