Legal advice in Italy

Professional legal advice in Italy for citizens and foreigners under Italian law

Lawyers provide individual legal advice in Italy, prepare legal opinions on legal cases under Italian law and international law for companies and citizens. Italian lawyer advice is provided in Italian, Russian, and English for clients from Italy, foreign citizens and businesses. Legal advice in Italy is provided in many Italian cities.


Legal advice in Italy on Italian law


Italian lawyers help clients solve legal problems, urgent tasks and make the right legitimate legal decisions, consult on various issues of Italian law, provide legal services in cases of various categories.


Legal advice of a lawyer in Italy


  • Real estate and transactions in Italy: the procedure for conducting transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate, contracts and documents for transactions; housing legislation;
  • Family law in Italy: marriage and divorce in Italy (international divorce through court), division of property of spouses in divorce, marriage contract;
  • Inheritance law in Italy: the rights of heirs and the procedure for accepting an inheritance, registration of inheritance rights for residential and commercial real estate in Italy; registration of inheritance for business, bank account, shares; the procedure for making a will; conduct by a lawyer of inheritance disputes in court in Italy;
  • Criminal law of Italy: protection in the police prosecutor's office and court in criminal cases (economic crimes, fraud, money laundering, tax crimes and other types of criminal offenses);
  • Insurance law and disputes in Italy: disputes with insurance companies to collect insurance payments;
  • Italian migration law: immigration to Italy through investments, purchase of real estate and business, residence permit and citizenship of Italy; obtaining documents and certificates, legalization and apostille of documents;
  • Registration and business development in Italy (Italian corporate law): registration of firms and branches of Italian and international companies, transactions for the purchase and sale of businesses; tax law and tax optimization of business, taxation of non-residents; investment in business and real estate in Italy;
  • Legal support of companies in Italy (Italian and international business): contracts and transactions;
  • Collection of debts under contracts in Italy: commercial disputes, debt collection from companies, representation of the interests of the debtor and creditor, international commercial arbitration, dispute settlement;
  • Intellectual and industrial property in Italy: copyright and industrial property rights, registration and legal protection of rights, trade secrets.