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Lawyer in Poltava

Law Firm provides legal services and lawyer services in Poltava. Lawyers provide legal services in other cities of Ukraine and legal services abroad in the Czech RepublicPolandTurkeySpainItaly in other countries. The main office of the Law Firm is located in Kharkov. Our lawyers have extensive legal experience and conduct various legal cases. Lawyers of the company in Poltava provide legal services in Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages. Need a lawyer in Poltava?

Lawyer Services in Poltava:

  • Legal Advice in Poltava; Preparation of Legal DocumentsObtaining Certificates from the registry office in Poltava and other documents, apostille and consular legalization of documents, preparation of documents for immigration abroad.
  • Lawyer's Services in Poltava in court, arbitration, representation and protection of interests in court; Lawyer Services for Foreigners in Poltava;
  • Criminal Law in Poltava: preparation of documents, protection of rights, protection of interests in a criminal case in court, interrogation, reporting of suspicion, detention, election of a measure of restraint, collection of evidence in a criminal case, services of a criminal lawyer during inspections law enforcement and regulatory authorities, preparation of petitions, complaints and other procedural documents, appeal of the decisions and actions of the investigator and prosecutor; Family Law in Poltava: preparation of a lawsuit in court, petitions, complaints and other procedural documents, representation of interests in court on family disputes, divorce, alimony, division of property of spouses, recognition of property rights, determination of the child’s residence, deprivation of parental rights, paternity determination, adoption; Civil Law in Poltava: civil disputes, transactions, collection of contractual debts, compensation for damage, invalidation of transactions, preparation of contracts and amendment of contracts, representation of interests in court in civil disputes; Insurance Law in Poltava: insurance disputes with insurance companies regarding insurance compensation, recovery of insurance compensation amount, insurance contract, insurance policy compensation;
  • Inheritance in Poltava for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners: inheritance disputes, registration of inheritance by law and registration of inheritance under a will, contesting inheritance, recognizing a will as invalid; Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions in Poltava, registration of a real estate transaction at a notary, support of a transaction for real estate by a foreigner, opening of an investment account for real estate purchase by a foreigner in a Ukrainian bank; Real Estate and Construction: commissioning of real estate objects, a declaration on the commencement of construction works, a technical passport, a declaration on putting a facility into operation, a certificate of the facility’s readiness for operation, a certificate of title;

  • Debt Collection in Poltava in the interests of business and citizens, legal support of execution of court decisions: support in debt collection, representation of the debtor and creditor, representation of the client in the State Executive Service, arrest of the debtor’s property and assets, assessment of the debtor’s property, sale of the debtor’s property, action appeal state executor, preparation of inquiries and letters, preparation of complaints, ban on leaving the debtor outside Ukraine, searching for the property of the debtor, private performer services; International Commercial Arbitration: representation of interests in a commercial arbitration court, commercial disputes, protection of the interests of the parties when considering an arbitration dispute, recognition and enforcement of an arbitration court decision, preparation and approval of a settlement agreement;
  • Business Law in Poltava: legal support of business, preparation of contracts, legal expertise of contracts, participation in negotiations when concluding contracts, representation of interests in government bodies, controlling and law enforcement agencies, support for execution of a court order; Tax Law: legal business audit, support of tax and regulatory authorities checks, tax optimization, tax consulting; Mediation and dispute resolution; Customs Law: representation of interests in court on customs disputes, customs regime, privileges, preparation of legal documents;
  • Registration of LLC in Poltava with the founders of citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, Corporate Law: registration of firms, reorganization of firms, legal support of contracts for transactions with corporate rights, opening an investment account to buy corporate rights and registering a business with foreign founders in a bank in Ukraine, making changes to constituent documents of companies, resolution of corporate conflicts, registration of a representative office of a foreign company; Liquidation of the LLC in Poltava and business closure, bankruptcy: support for the liquidation of companies, protection of the rights and interests of creditors, the services of an arbitration manager, invalidation of transactions;
  • Intellectual Property: registration and protection of intellectual property;

Commercial Real Estate Agency

We have a large database of commercial properties for sale in Ukraine and abroad (8 countries). We are interested in cooperation in the sale of enterprises and commercial real estate in Poltava and the Poltava region:

  • Sale of Commercial Real Estate in Poltava and the Poltava region (hotels, offices, buildings, bases, restaurants and more);
  • Sale of Enterprises in Poltava and the Poltava region;
  • Sale of Land for residential and commercial construction in in Poltava and the Poltava region;
  • Sale of Agricultural Enterprises and farms in Poltava and the Poltava region;
  • Sale of other commercial real estate.

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