Lawyer in Ukraine

Lawyer in Ukraine

Law Firm provides legal services for citizens (private legal services) and for business in Ukraine. Lawyers conduct legal consultations, draft legal documents, protect clients' interests in courts, implement the decision of the Ukrainian and foreign courts. We provide legal services for businesses of varying complexity in all regions of Ukraine and abroad in 10 countries.

Specialization of Lawyers

Services of Lawyers

  • Legal Advice of a Lawyer in Ukraine and legal assistance of a lawyer, legal advice online, legal analysis of documents and court case, legal examination of contracts and other documents, negotiations, dispute settlement and mediation
  • Drafting of Judicial and other Legal Documents: lawsuit in court, an appeal, a cassation, a statement, a request, a complaint and other documents, a marriage contract and other documents
  • Legal Services of a Lawyer in a Court in Ukraine: legal practice in court, dispute resolution, lawyer in court (first instance court, appeal, cassation), defense in the police and prosecutor's office and other bodies
  • Subscriber Legal Services and protection of interests of business and citizens, participation in negotiations, legal examination of documents and other

English Speaking Lawyer

You can also get legal services from lawyers of the Rubicon Law Firm in Ukraine.


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