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Legal services for inheritance in Ukraine. Inheritance lawyer in Ukraine for citizens and foreigners. Issues of inheritance under Ukrainian legislation. Registration of inheritance by a lawyer through a Ukrainian court.

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Inheritance lawyer provides legal services on inheritance and inheritance law, inheritance registration, protection of interests in inheritance disputes, division of inheritance between heirs, collection of documents for the registration of inheritance.


Inheritance law - Inheritance lawyer in Ukraine:



Services of an inheritance lawyer:


  • legal advice of an inheritance lawyer in inheritance cases: opening an inheritance case, shares of heirs in inheritance and the procedure for inheritance, formalization of inheritance, procedure for accepting and registering an inheritance, rejection of inheritance, division of inheritance, inheritance of business and corporate rights, taxation of inheritance, inheritance by will , inheritance by law, increasing and decreasing the share in inheritance, terms of inheritance, recognition as deceased, preparation of a will, contracts of life maintenance, agreements on the division of inherited property, calculation of the share of heirs when registering an inheritance;
  • legal assistance in inheritance registration: collection of documents for registration of inheritance, state registration of ownership of inheritance, receipt of documents confirming kinship and obtaining duplicate documents for property, representation of interests with a notary, negotiations with heirs on the division of property and determination of shares in inheritance, registration of inheritance and obtaining a Certificate of the right to inheritance, registration of an inheritance for a foreigner, representation of interests in registration authorities, legal support of inheritance procedures and support of inheritance of business and corporate rights, restoration of documents, obtaining duplicate documents, arrest of inherited property;
  • protection and representation in inheritance cases in court: recognition of ownership of an inheritance (land, apartment, house, car), establishment of legal facts in court, recognition of a person as deceased in court, deprivation of inheritance, disputes over inheritance of a share in a business, division of inherited property , recognition of a will as invalid, recognition of ownership of an inheritance, division of an inheritance through a court, recognition as an heir, restoration of terms for accepting an inheritance, division of an inherited property through a court;
  • establishment of a legal fact in court: establishment of a legal fact of acceptance of an inheritance, establishment of a legal fact of being supported; the establishment of the legal fact of inheritance, the establishment of the legal fact of living with one family, the establishment of the legal fact of kinship or family relations, recognition of a mandatory share in the inheritance;
  • additional services for the registration of inheritance (protection of inherited property, legal support for the sale of inheritance, etc.).


An inheritance lawyer in Ukraine will provide legal assistance in the registration of an inheritance, professional representation of your interests before a notary in the process of inheritance, in public authorities and in court, collect all the documents for registration of the inheritance.


We draw up inheritance for real estate and other property: inheritance for a house, inheritance for land, inheritance for an apartment, inheritance for commercial real estate, inheritance for a car, inheritance for money (bank account, insurance payments, pension, alimony), inheritance for trade marks and patents, inheritance for business and shares (shares in LLC).